Football - Berlin - Sensitive Boycott vs. Leipzig: Unions Fight Silence - Sport 2

Football – Berlin – Sensitive Boycott vs. Leipzig: Unions Fight Silence – Sport

Berlin (dpa) – Should actually dominate the first FC Union Berlin before the first Bundesliga match in club history, but an unbounded euphoria. The general rehearsal for the DFB Cup was won 6-0 against fourth division football Halberstadt. The stadium is completely exhausted Sunday against RB Leipzig. But the announced boycott of the supporters on the mood highlights the historic day.

Even the workout week is influenced by the action. "I think you have to answer that," said coach Urs Fischer. "It's a strange feeling.Usually, the stadium is a crazy pavilion, but the fans are determined – it's good that it's only 15 minutes."

In the first quarter of the match against the Champions League participants, organized supporters want to remain silent. The Ultragruppierung Wuhlesyndikat had announced its intention to show the action that we did not subscribe to the idea of ​​football in Leipzig. Supporters informed the team that the event was not explicitly intended for them.

Nevertheless, the players are anything but enthusiastic. Because ultimately, lack of support mainly affects the negative of the home team. "It's a fan business, but we are of course supportive of supporters who encourage us," said Christopher Lenz.

And the defender has a plausible reason ready. "We just saw it last season in the matches against Hamburg or Magdeburg, so if we have the fans at the back, it's a little easier for us," Lenz said. Union won both matches, which contributed significantly to reaching the second-place relegation spot and the ensuing upswing.

That the fans give in again? Probably not! That the team's council tried again to countersign? Also missing. "In the end, we have to respect that and focus on the sport," said Captain Christopher Trimmel.

The protest of the supporters of the Union is neither particularly creative nor particularly new. Already during the two previous matches against Leipzig, during the seasons 2014/15 and 2015/16, there had been actions of the partisans. In 2014, about 20,000 fans had covered black plastic bags. The negative impact on the result had not had, Union gained 2: 1.

In Leipzig, such events are calmly accepted and not annotated. RB is accustomed to grief and especially to more tasty actions. Former coach Ralf Rangnick only attended the match in Mönchengladbach with massively insulted and defamed advertising banners.

Professionals in the Union will have to endure the iron silence anyway. And they prefer to think of the positive side, as Lenz revealed: "I think that after 15 minutes everyone will have to listen to their ears first."