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A financial asset for companies (agricultural) but also for their own marketing

A financial asset for companies (agricultural) but also for their own marketing

Crowdfunding, solidarity farming, profit-sharing rights, corporate citizenship and land purchase cooperatives – for companies, these are welcome alternatives, if it does not work with a loan classic banking. "In our BioFinanz project, we found that farmers along the food value chain are using these alternatives not only for financing, but often as a marketing tool," said Gerlinde Behrendt, Academic Associate at HNEE. Internal case studies have shown that funding models are viewed by respondents as an investment in internal marketing and customer relationships. Because, no doubt, many alternative forms are associated with a very tedious exchange with consumers or a high bureaucracy. For example, the creation of a cooperative allows direct contact between consumers and farmers in the form of general meetings and court visits. "Consumers learn directly from the producers where the food comes from and how it is processed," say HNEE scientists.
In a first working paper, the research team summarized and published these observations and findings. In a second step, we now want to know how farmers learn concretely about financing alternatives. "Ultimately, the goal of BioFinanz is to create a platform that informs in an integrated way about the advantages and disadvantages of different funding options, so as to make it understandable and attractive from the point of view of the target groups. "said Gerlinde Behrendt.
The online survey is now available. You can participate until the end of September.

About the project
The BioFinanz Collaborative Project of the HNEE and the Institute for Research on Rural Structures of the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main (IfLS) is funded by the Federal Program "Organic Farming and Other Forms of Agriculture". Sustainable agriculture "(BÖLN) for less than 200 000 euros. The Foundation for Ecology and Agriculture (SÖL) and the Federal Association of Natural Products for Natural Food (BNN) e.V. also participate in its implementation.

Scientific contact:
Gerlinde Behrendt
Academic Assistant, BioFinanz Project
Department of Landscape Use and Conservation
Telephone: 03334 657-456

Simone Sterly
Rural Development Research Institute (IfLS)
Goethe University Frankfurt am Main
Phone: 069 972 6683-15

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idw 2019/08