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Inoculation against cat allergy: Cuddle without sneezing!


People suffering from allergies
End of allergy to the cat? A new vaccine gives hope!

Finally more allergy to the nose of the fur? Researchers have developed a vaccine that protects people against cat allergy.

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Finally more allergy to the nose of the fur? Researchers have developed a vaccine that protects people against cat allergy.

Cat lovers who have not been able to live their love for their four-legged friends because of an allergy to cat hair can quickly breathe easily – in the true sense of the word. The researchers are developing a vaccine that blocks the triggers of allergy. The trick: it is not the human being who is vaccinated.

His eyes cry, his nose runs, his skin stings. Allergy sufferers can sing a song. If there is an allergy to cats, even if you like animals, the suffering is even greater. Of course, there are also special races that are antiallergic. But what if you became friends with your best friend's cat and that it's only a normal Stubentiger – or that you suddenly developed an allergy to your own cat? Researchers from the University Hospital Zurich are currently working on it. Inoculation against cat allergyAnd this is not administered to humans, but to the cat whose allergenic protein is inhibited by it.

Imagination against cat allergy: Protein is a trigger

About eight million cat owners should be in Germany. The number of people with allergies represents about 10% of the population and has been increasing for decades. Many cats end up at the shelter because their owners have developed an allergy. The trigger is a specific protein, a protein found in the saliva and tears of cats.

The protein "Fel d 1" (Felis domesticus – domestic cat) spreads on the fur of the cleansing animals, which "brush" regularly, thus the care of the fur with the tongue work. Anyone who is allergic and krault cat, or shares the air with it, comes in connection with it, because the hair and dandruff of cat are distributed in the air and penetrate into the airways. The reaction occurs with typical symptoms:

  • Tingling in the nose with itching
  • to sneeze
  • watery eyes
  • in some cases, itching of the skin

It's not the human who is vaccinated – but the cat

However, researchers at the University Hospital Zurich have developed a substance that neutralizes the protein so that it can no longer spread on the coat. After administering a syringe containing the substance, the cat develops antibodies against it. It does not disappear completely, but it is at least reduced to the point that allergy symptoms in humans also decrease or, at best, no longer occur.

For the cat, the vaccine, called HypoCatTM, should be safe. It has already been tested on cats vaccinated three times in three weeks. According to the research team, the cats tolerated the substance well, the antibodies had already spread shortly after vaccination in the body and are detectable over a long period. The allergenic protein decreases and is less active.

A good and calming sign for animals and humans. However, it is not yet known when the vaccine for the animal will be ready for mass production. Until then, we probably still have to live with allergies and intolerances. Also read what happens in the body in case of allergy.

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