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Miron Zownir the most interesting person [Berlin Trail03e05]

If you need a button from the sky of Miron Zownir and place him on this earth and give him an analog Nikon single lens reflector camera and mount it in New York, lead him down to a dark alley circa 1975 and drag him into a urine-stained doorway to photograph transvestite insomniac it would be like taking a jerk on a pilgrimage hen.

It's so blatant that Zownir is living the life he was designed for …

Miron Zownir: The book and music the world should know [EN]

If there was a "first impression" competition, I would invest all the money in Zownir without blinking. No one does anyone as well as he does, it's just so present, your face, cool, intercontinental, seductive … detachable. First Impression + Camera X Metropolitan Underworld = Awesome Photography. It's a formula that Zownir has refined and has also given her a distinctive perspective on her job, lifestyle and commute to and from city center.

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Stuart Holt