Queen Elizabeth II: What happens if the monarch dies? 2

Queen Elizabeth II: What happens if the monarch dies?

"Elizabeth is the only woman we knew, the princess did it when she climbed a tree and the queen when she came down," writes historian William Shawcross on the head of the British state. Behind these words lies a sad story. In February 1952, Elizabeth (now 93), a candidate for the throne, and her husband, Prince Philip (now 98), embark on a royal trip to Kenya. There, the young couple sleep in a hut in the trees of "Treetops Springs". From above, they observe wild animals and nature. The princess retains her impressions with their camera. The next morning, she goes to a nearby pavilion. The 25-year-old does not know that her father died the night before. Without realizing it, she is automatically replaced by the death of her father. From the hut in the trees descends a queen, to return home soon after and take place on the throne.

She has held this throne for 66 years, as long as no other monarch in Britain preceded her. She influenced not only the Royal Family, but also the whole of Great Britain by her great dedication, tireless diligence and unique sense of humor. About 81% of Britons have not known another monarch on the throne. But sooner or later, this moment of change will come.

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Of course, in such a case, the British court leaves no detail to chance and has developed a detailed plan for the way forward. This is fully revealed only at the crucial moment. But, in general, the plan is already known to us thanks to a publication on the online site of the famous newspaper The Guardian:

There are different scenarios for the death of the queen

Planned for a variety of possible scenarios – in most of them, the regent dies after a short illness in the presence of his doctor and family. According to the portal, Professor Huw Thomas (61) will have a say in the last hours of his life. The experienced gastroenterologist has headed the Royal Medical Team since 2004. He will then take care of his royal patient, decide who can enter his room and what information can be communicated to the public.

When Queen Elizabeth finally dies, her eyes are closed slowly and her son Charles (70) becomes king. The deceased Queen's private secretary, Edward Young, (52) will be responsible for the following hours. He is the bearer of the Victorian Royal Order and since September 2017 on the Regent's side. However, he has worked for the court since 2004. Previously, the British worked internationally as a banker and political advisor.

Shortly after the death of the queen, she will leave us without our suspecting it. The news of his death will spread like a stone that falls into the water and beats more and more waves. Young will first inform the outgoing Prime Minister and then the governments of the 15 countries where Elizabeth is the head of state. Then the representatives of the governments of other Commonwealth nations will learn about it.

The public will learn the royal death only then through an official message from Buckingham Palace. To this end, a sign is placed in front of the palace gates and a message is sent to the British Press Association. Only then will other media become aware of it and a statement will be published online. The vast majority of British newspapers, radio stations and television stations have been preparing long programs and sophisticated music lists for many years.

Secret codes and hidden messages

For a long time, in the corresponding circles, one speaks of the death of members of the royalty of high rank with secret slogans. This should be used to combat the uncontrolled spread of the message. For example, the phrase "Hyde Park Corner" was used to talk about the death of Elizabeth's father, King George. The plans for the funeral of Elizabeth Mother, also known as Queen Mother († 102), were created under the code name "Operation Tay Bridge".

For a long time, the code of death of Queen Elizabeth was a well kept secret. But now, according to "The Guardian", it is widely acknowledged that you will use "London Bridge is down". So the message must be obscured for at least a moment. Of course, all media are prepared. In an exclusive interview, Max Foster, CNN's royal expert, told us: "The plans are between the royal homes, but they are only confirmed after their deaths, we are very well prepared and if everything goes as planned. , we have everything ready at the right time.What CNN does best is Breaking News.We are very flexible.It will be a great event.I can not think of anyone else in the world who embodies modern history as they do.It is already part of history without dying. "

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Queen Elizabeth's mother has also been affectionately known as "The Queen Mother" in public. His death was a difficult time for the royal family.

What happens in the following days?

Between the death of the Queen and the solemn funeral, ten days will pass, according to the British newspaper "The Telegraph". During this period, the body of the deceased queen will be transported to Buckingham Palace if it is not already there. According to the document, various ministries and emergency services should cooperate in this case to organize transport in a safe and efficient manner.

There, members of the royal family have the time and space to say goodbye to their head of family one last time. After a reasonable delay, the casket will be deposited at Westminster Hall so that the public has time to mourn. Heads of government and dignitaries, as well as senior business and social leaders from around the world, are expected to attend the funeral that will take place later.

How is the queen deprived? Only a few know it. A close confidant is talking about a page that hardly anyone knows.

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What does the estate look like?

Charles will automatically become king upon the death of his mother, even if his coronation will take place months later. He will soon have to choose his name as a monarch. For the moment, the British are waiting to keep Charles. He would then be King Charles III.

For a time, the heir to the throne considered, according to British royal experts, the name of George, because he admired his predecessors under that name and because there were negative associations with the other two kings , Charles.

According to "The Telegraph", the Membership Board will meet as soon as possible at the Palais Saint-James. This ceremonial organ traditionally proclaims the advent of the successor of a deceased monarch and accepts the oath of allegiance. This council is composed of all members of the Privy Council, including Prince William and Duchess Camilla, a political advisory body assisting the British monarch since the Middle Ages, the president of the crown council, the mayor of London, the councilors London and the President. High Commissioners of the 15 Commonwealth states, where the King of England is the head of state. This visit is followed by a first visit of the new regent to Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales.

In recent years, speculation has been made that the royal family could be chosen to skip a generation and make Prince William (37) the king directly. But it is impossible. The monarchy is a very traditional system with precise rules and the succession to the throne follows strict laws. Although it is possible that William does not take less advantage of his charming wife Kate (37 years) and his pretty children more popular among the people, but a reason to change the line of succession is not.

Incidentally, the new king does not automatically become the head of the Commonwealth because it is not a heritable title. This only happens in the case of Charles because his mother proclaimed long ago that it was "his sincere desire" that Charles assumes this function. Commonwealth heads of state and government responded to this request in the spring of 2019 by naming the Prince of Wales as the next leader. His son William will not simply inherit the title of "Prince of Wales", which his father currently wears and which usually belongs to the heir to the throne. His father has to give it to him officially.

In the video below, we have collected a glimpse of the ramified pedigree of the royal family.

Great Britain: family tree of the Royale family

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How are the British

Beyond the formal and political issues, the death of Queen Elizabeth in the United Kingdom will cause a great outcry. Most Britons only know it as a monarch, which is an example of stability and security in a rapidly changing world where certainties of the past are no longer relevant.

Therefore, his death will also cause a kind of emergency state in the UK. The two parliaments will be summoned extraordinarily, people will return home sooner and the news will be heard in public vehicles and planes. Normality will come slowly and slowly.