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Subotic includes the fan events in Union:

Neven Subotic is fit. After his first appearance of more than 90 minutes for the 1st FC Berlin Union, promoted, the former Dortmunder hopes that Sunday (18 hours) the RB Leipzig will make his return to the Bundesliga. In terms of boycott, he is on the side of the fans.

The 30-year-old is expected in the first Bundesliga match in the history of the 1st atmosphere of the FC Union – but he understands the announced boycott of the boycott supporters. "I'm standing behind her, because even I find that this capital development in football is not positive," said the prominent newcomer to the action proposed by Ultras. The supporters of the "Wuhlesyndikats" wish Sunday a quarter of an hour of silence to protest against the "Konstrukt RB Leipzig" which "tramples the values ​​of football".

Subotic wants to celebrate his return to the elite German league after 610 days – preferably with "the atmosphere of the Champions League". As a result, he could not even wait for the match against Leipzig "to start in the 15th minute". Then the mood in the Alte Försterei will explode.

Last appearance in December 2017 in the Bundesliga

"I'm working hard to be able to compete again with the best clubs," said the newcomer, who has already dominated twice with Borussia Dortmund and was beaten in the football league. Months after failing for AS St. Stephen on April 6, long-haired Serbs were relegated behind the Serbs after knee injury. In his last appearance in the Bundesliga, the BVB's central halfback against Hoffenheim on 16 December 2017 was replaced by a central defender. It only lasted one minute.

After his first full 90 minutes in the Berlin team on trial with the Lichtenberg 47 (4: 1) regional championship team, Subotic was pleased with his performance: "It was the last stage.I approached the match as a competitive match and I could have kept a few minutes off, "he jokingly said.He did not want to answer the question whether his chances of a Sunday mission had improved: "Everyone knows that there is no guarantee of regular place. It's good that the performance principle prevails here. "

The competition is tough

Marvin Friedrich is considered as a whole. Another new recruit, Keven Schlotterbeck, recommended his first career goal in the 6-0 win at the Halberstadt Cup. Coach Urs Fischer was not yet looking for cards. "Those 90 minutes were important, not for me, but for him," said the Swiss after the last test, smiling at Subotic, who was not in the DFB Cup match in action.

Mixed feelings motivate the 30-year-old Subotic when he thinks of the boycott of humor: "There are too few such demonstrations. Our supporters take a clear stand. "Nevertheless, the former Serbian international player, 36 times higher, also sees the other side:" As a player, you still want to be thoroughly in the stands. "The goalkeeper Rafal Gikiewicz was clearly voiced against the action:" Your plan The boycott is not good for us players. "

Players know why fans are silent

Subotic remembers with feelings of embarrassment during games without mood in the stadium. "With the national team, we played against Northern Ireland in front of an empty stadium," he told Uefa, who inflicted a penalty before the 2011 Ghost Buster, because of hooliganist riots during the match against Italy. And also the silence of the supporters of Dortmund in March 2016 because of a death in the south curve, he has not forgotten. "At the time, we, the players, did not know why the fans were silent, it will be different on Sunday," said Subotic.
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