50 Years of Professional Football - Celebrity Anniversary from August 14, 2019: Morten Olsen 2

50 Years of Professional Football – Celebrity Anniversary from August 14, 2019: Morten Olsen

Copenhagen (dpa) – After half a century and close to football fields in Europe, Morten Olsen is now interested in a very different green. If it is not too hot and he goes to the coast with his Belgian wife, he spends a lot of time in the garden of his house, on the outskirts of Brussels.

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"I am a retired, I can do what I want," said the former player and coach of 1. FC Köln. "After 50 years as a professional – as an athlete and as a coach -, it's nice to get up and ask: and now, what are we going to do today? 39; hui "?

Today, Olsen is 70 years old. Retired Idyll worked hard for disciplined Dane. Denmark, Germany, Belgium: these three countries have notably marked the football career of Morten Olsen. As a coach, he then returned to Brøndby IF in the first Danish league and for Cologne between 1993 and 1995, as well as in the Bundesliga. After an interlude at Ajax in Amsterdam, he spent about 15 years as a national coach from his home country – his greatest job as a coach, he said once. In early 2018, he finally announced his retirement.

A return to the coaching bank excludes Olsen even today. As he pointed out in an interview with the German news agency, he loved the work on and off the pitch. "I had a fantastic life, and this life was mostly football." He was in action around the clock but appreciated. "I have never considered my work as an athlete or coach as a job, it was my hobby," says the Vordingborg man, about 60 miles away. south of Copenhagen. After all, it's good to be able to turn your hobby into a career.

Football seems ex-Cologne continues to love, although by far not as excessive as during his career. "As a coach, I've watched about 500 games a year, maybe 50 today," he said. He would like to continue the technically demanding football of the champions league, but the smaller clubs are also interested. The fact that he lives in Belgium has a decisive advantage: the stadium of RSC Anderlecht, where he became a defender in the 1980s, winner of the UEFA Cup and three-time champion of Belgium, is only one of the few. five kilometers from his home. "Sometimes I go to the stadium, of course."

What we often forget in view of his long coaching career, is that Olsen was also a talented defender. Especially because Anderlecht was one of the best in Europe and Olsen one of the best libos in the world. The safety of his balls and his tailor-made opening have allowed the Danish national team, coached by the German Sepp Piontek, to qualify for the semi-finals of the European Championship in France in 1984. Captain then : Morten Olsen.

He brought this experience to the final of his active career in Cologne – with the CF he was in 1989 as defensive leader under Christoph Daum. After three years in the Bundesliga, it was over as an active player – at almost 40 years of age and after 80 Bundesliga matches and 102 international matches. "I had a fantastic time in Cologne," he summarizes.

Even as a coach, Olsen had the following success: with Brøndby he was twice Danish champion in the early 90s, the national team he brought in 2002 to the eighth in the World Cup and in 2004 to the quarter-finals of the European Championship. After failing to qualify for the 2016 European Championship – against Sweden – he announced his resignation. Even as a coach, he has participated in more than 100 international matches. And with his 15 year tenure, Olsen even surpassed former record coach Sepp Piontek, under whom he had once ruled as Libero.