After Cyber ​​Attack: Haze after Binance Hack: Where are the 7,000 Bitcoins stolen? | message 2

After Cyber ​​Attack: Haze after Binance Hack: Where are the 7,000 Bitcoins stolen? | message

In May, more than 7,000 Bitcoins were stolen by Crypto-Brse Binance

Hackers always try to hide the origin of the coins and wash them

The loot liquidation has begun

A spectacular hack in a crypto scene

In early May of this year, Crypto-bin Binance, Bitcoin's largest shopping center, Ethereum, Ripple & Co., was hacked into a hack – one of the most important of the crypto-scene . Binance lost a total of 7,074 pieces, which corresponds to a value of about 40 million US dollars at that time. "Hackers have had a lot of patience to wait and execute well-prepared actions across several seemingly unrelated accounts at the right time – Bitcoin transactions on Plus 500 – 80.6% of CFD retail accounts are losing money "The transaction was structured as it overcame our existing security controls," said Binance Managing Director Changpeng Zhao. However, investor deposits were safe – crypto-sharp was introduced into the Secure Asset Fund for Users (SAFU), an emergency fund, to offset losses. Since the incident, Binance has further strengthened safety standards.

Hackers try to wash bitcoins

As it is now known, hackers continue to distribute funds to conceal the connection of bitcoins to hack. Big Brins, including Coinbase, Poloniex, Kraken and Huobi, have teamed up after hacking to create a blacklist of stolen bitcoin addresses. If outstanding transactions were reported, the funds would be immediately frozen, he added.

Grant Blaisdell, co-founder and chief marketing officer of Coinfirm, a blockchain analysis company offering money laundering and customer identification services, said: "Small amounts of BTC have been sold to six banks [] Co-concierge Blaisdell said: "He was sent to check if they are recognized and frozen." Fraud on the part of many brokers, as the transfer of larger amounts of money across multiple platforms requires verification and identity cards; The pirates had the habit of showing that they had at least 1.8087 BTC (21 000 USD) [] Briss could wind up, "reports Blaisdell.

Until now, the largest amount went to ChipMixer, a supposed Bitcoin mug, which mixes many deals to conceal the origin of funds, according to FXStreet. This should have resulted in an analysis of Crypto Capital Flow, Clain. Since it was almost impossible to wash such large amounts of coins in a relatively short time, Clain could apparently determine the initial group of hacking addresses. ChipMixer also observed an unusually high volume. "We have discovered a vast reserve of ChipMixer addresses during our previous research and can confidently claim that at least 4,836 BTC of the hacker's money have been laundered by ChipMixer," indicates the Clain report. "A closer look at the data on the incoming flows for these clusters revealed a direct link between 183 BTC and a series of transactions made by the hacker before money laundering." We believe that there are 814 BTCs. likely to share the same link, but it still needs to be validated as soon as the funds are transferred, "he continues.

It is therefore exciting to see if hackers can possibly be enriched or if they escaped unnoticed with their loot.


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