Chinese van Goghs 2

Chinese van Goghs

Vincent van Gogh sold only one painting in his life, but Zhao Xiaoyong has sold over 90,000 van Gogh paintings over the past 20 years.
Zhao has lived in China, the world's fastest developing country. First from a peasant to a rural migrant worker. Then he learned how to copy iconic western paintings. Now, Zhao is in the midst of a new transition – from the copier to the original artist. Not only does China's van Gogh show how this painter fulfills his dream, but also tells the story of a man in the challenge and struggle of his journey.

* Moscow International Film Festival
* Trust at New Zealand Film Festivals
* Victoria and Albert Museum (London, UK)
* Docudays UA (Ukraine)
* Comptoir du Doc
* Los Angeles Chinese Film Festival
* Rendez-Vous Istanbul Film Festival
* IDFA (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
* Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival (Greece)
* TRT (Oran / Ankara, Turkey)
* Visions du Réel (Nyon, Switzerland)
* DocPoint – Helsinki Documentary Film Festival (Finland)
* New Zealand Film Festival Trust (Wellington, New Zealand)
* DMZ DOCS (Bucheon-si, South Korea)
* Docudays UA (Kharkiv, Ukraine)
* Astra Film Festival (Sibiu, Romania)
* Skip City International D-Cinema Festival (Saltama, Japan)
* Jerusalem Anthropological Film Festival (Jerusalem, Israel)
* Biography Film Festival | International Life Celebration (Bologna, Italy)
* Docs Against Gravity Film Festival (Poland)
* Manaki Brothers International Film Festival (Skopje, Macedonia)
* Stronger than the Fiction Film Festival (Australia)
* DocPoint Tallin (Estonia)
* Design Film Festival in Latvia (Kuldiga, Latvia)
* Litchi Film Festival (Barcelona, ​​Spain)