Football - Berlin - First sensation of "big club": Hertha enjoys the stage - Sport 2

Football – Berlin – First sensation of "big club": Hertha enjoys the stage – Sport

Berlin (dpa) – It will be a "special" and "exciting" season for Hertha, 127, from Berlin. The director, Michael Preetz, head of sport development for a decade, does not feel it alone. After the surprising entry of the financial investor Lars Windhorst, whose company had initially injected 125 million euros of fresh money into the Berlin football league, was watching his own supporters and the competition with different eyes on the blue-white. They have settled in recent years under the orders of coach Pal Dardai, although in the first division and having nothing to do with the descent. So, a little, but still remained the gray-and-mouse-and-little money image.

On Friday (8.30 pm), Hertha changed the opening game of the season against defending champion FC Bayern. "We have all the attention, the big stage, and it's a wonderful opportunity to make a first business card with the toughest opponent possible," said Preetz, 51, at beginning of the Allianz Arena and in front of viewers from 200 countries. Berliners have the right to repeat what one might think of a "big city club", which the new investor wants to do with Hertha.

Well aware that even if we hoped for 100 million more dollars through the sale of shares in the department of professionals, the gap compared to the leaders of the German football industry can not be minimized that in a minimal way, the official goal for the 2019/20 season remains unchanged from previous years, "This remains so the first goal we want to improve," said Preetz to the goal of the season. Ideally, the team should "end up in a one-digit position," Preetz said Wednesday after a conversation with the team. In pre-season, Hertha was eleventh.

The budget for this season was initially estimated at 140 million euros. Thus, Hertha evolves "in Bundesliga between 10 and 14", said Ingo Schiller, financial director of Hertha. This was before the new agreement with investors. Within the official objective we will approach the approach "to the maximum ambitious", then stressed also the manager. Means: After the new financial possibilities, Hertha is also interested in European places of departure.

The task for new head coach Ante Covic, who belongs to the junior department of his own club, is no easier. At 43, he had already played as a professional with Hertha and Preetz. As a coach, he convinced him until the U23 match – but the 1st league is a new territory for the Belgian from Berlin with Croatian roots.

After all, Hertha has invested more than 30 million euros in staff. Above all, the record purchases of Dodi Lukebakio (20 million euros) and international under 21 Eduard Löwen (7 million euros), as well as Marko Grujic (loan for 2.5 million euros). euros) bring quality.

A particular goal of Hertha is linked to the first rise of the 1st Union FC. He wanted to "win both derbies," coach Covic said clearly. "It's also about showing that Hertha is the club of the capital, the number one in Berlin," added Preetz.

Covic, who feels a "brutal anticipation", wants to offer fans a football more attractive, offensive, courageous, with more possession of ball. This should also be seen against Bayern. Already take the duels against the record champion's courage in pre-season Berlin has won 2-0 at home and has lost that just under 0: 1 in Munich, before there were three draws. "We have these memories in our luggage and from there, the players can aspire to power," Preetz said before the 69th league duel with Bayern.