Football during the week with cup and tests 2

Football during the week with cup and tests

For some clubs, this becomes serious again, others use the week for another test. Footballers from the district of Böblingen are in action during the week in the WFV and district cups as well as in the preparatory matches.

Article from August 13, 2019 – 14:33

WFV Cup, 2nd round

FC Holzhausen – VfL Sindelfingen
(Wednesday, 5:45 pm)

TSV Ehningen – Calcio Leinfelden-Echterdingen
(Wednesday, 19h)

SpVgg Holzgerlingen – VfL Pfullingen
(Wednesday, 7:15 pm)

District Cup Böblingen / Calw, 2nd round
FC Unterjettingen – SpVgg Holzgerlingen II
TV Altdorf – TSV Schönaich
SV Rohrau II – VfL Oberjettingen
VfL Sindelfingen II – TSV Waldenbuch
SV Nufringen II – TV Nebringen
FSV Deufringen – TSV Grafenau
SpVgg Weil im Schönbuch II – FV Mönchberg
SpVgg Aidlingen – TSV Ehningen II
(every wednesday, 6.30 pm)

TSV Dagersheim – SV Nufringen
(Wednesday, 19h)

FC Gärtringen II – SV Deckenpfronn
(Wednesday, 19:30)

Games preparation
TSV Ehningen II – TV Altdorf II
(Tuesday 19h)

SB Asperg – SV Gebersheim
SpVgg Weil der Stadt II – TSV Grafenau II
(Tuesday 19h30)

Television Gültstein – SpVgg Weil im Schönbuch
TSV Schönaich II – TSV Steinenbronn
SV Vaihingen – SKV Rutesheim II
(every Wednesday, 19h)

SV Mötzingen – TV Derendingen II
SV Bondorf II – VfL Herrenberg
GW Ottenbronn – Zagreb Sindelfingen
Tube TSV – GSV Maichingen II
(every Wednesday at 7:30 pm)

FV Calw – FC Gartringen II
(Thursday, 6.30 pm)

TSV Kuppingen – GSV Maichingen
(Thursday 19h)

VfL Oberjettingen – SC Neubulach
TSV Hildrizhausen – SV Rohrau
(Thursdays, 7:30 pm)

SG Weilimdorf – SpVgg Warmbronn II
(Friday 7 pm)