Football: It's a highlight for us - football 2

Football: It's a highlight for us – football

Coach Mario Maus of course watched his former club's match against Fortuna Dusseldorf on Saturday. "It was very interesting to watch such a cup game as a spectator, but before that, I had only experience the DFB Cup as a player." with one or the other of zeros.After all, I spent ten years with FC Villingen.My fellow coach Jago Maric, I have lived together a lot in football, "remembers Mario Maus of the time spent in the first division.

But Wednesday, the daily business is at the rendezvous – and here Mario Maus fully Hochemminger. "For the club – and of course for me as a coach – the cup match is a real highlight, but we still do not consider the match as a dress rehearsal for the round of points because we still have a test-match this Saturday at SG Tengen-Watterdingen, but I'm hoping for a good crowd of spectators.We can play in cup – with the exception of Thomas Waldraff (Holiday, editor) – rely on the whole of the group. "

FC Villingen will try again in the first round of the SBFV Cup at FC Hochemmingen on Wednesday to repeat the DFB Cup next Saturday. For this, victory in the association cup is necessary. "I told players on Monday at the training that I did not want to hear about Düsseldorf from today," said coach of 08, Jago Maric. . He asks his team to focus fully on the so-called easy task against the trained players of his former teammate of 08 Mario Mouse District Leagues. "We must not be neglected, otherwise we will be like Düsseldorf with us," warns Maric.