For the pleasure of football, a subscription is far from enough 2

For the pleasure of football, a subscription is far from enough

By Tobias Waidhofer

Innsbruck – With German, Spanish and Italian (from 24.8.) The last big leagues of football begin their new season. The Premier League and the two Austrian professional leagues have started long ago. For football fans who do not want to pay or for a streaming service, the screen area remains largely black. Which subscriptions do football fans need to fill up for their favorite players to stand up for? An overview:

tipico Bundesliga: As for high-level Austrian football, Sky is the best place to go – the pay-TV channel shows the 195 matches live or in a single match. The A1-TV cable TV operator can only see four of these duels. A payment barrier that upsets politics. After former Sports Minister H. Strache also urged ex-Chancellor Sebastian Kurz: "The most important matches of the Bundesliga must be free to see." The summaries deliver, ORF, Sky and Sunday evening Oe24.

Hpybet 2nd League: The Internet portal, which broadcasts seven out of eight free games every turn, is a deeper class. The "top game" however takes place on the ORF Sport + section station. There are abstracts on Friday nights on ORF one – but mostly only during the dark hours of the night.

German Bundesliga: On Friday (20.30) Eliteliga begins black-red-gold with the Bayern duel against Hertha in the new season. The opening match will be played as usual on Free-TV (ARD), as well as the first game in the spring. That's all, but with free content: Haussender the Bundesliga remains Sky, which broadcasts 266 of the 306 live games. A new player is the DAZN streaming service, which will be responsible for 40 Eurosport games per season. Specifically, the 30 games will be held on Friday, five on Sunday (13:30) and five on Monday evening (20:30). In addition, DAZN summarizes all games one hour after the final whistle – an alternative to the fixed launchers Sportschau TV (ARD) and Sportstudio (ZDF).

The Sunday matches are also summarized in the third German television (9:45 pm). During last season, Servus TV was surprised by a cooperation with Sky and transmitted some games. For 2019/2020, nothing has been announced yet – live short-term scheduled games on Austrian television seem possible.

2nd German Bundesliga: Live games are available exclusively on Sky, the summaries are visible on DAZN.

Premier League: The best league in the world, by definition, is certainly the richest. Therefore, Sky was the return of the Premier League also cost a lot. Overall, the pay TV channel features 232 games – as many have never been seen in Austria before – live. The remaining 148 games will be delayed. The English Cup competitions continue to be exhibited at DAZN – as well as the A (Italy), Ligue 1 (France) and La Liga (Spain) series.

Champions League: In first class, everything is the same: you can see the conference and one exclusive game per day on Sky, all the other simple games of DAZN. For the first time since 2013/2014, Salzburg has a red-white-red team.

Europa League: In the second most important European competition, DAZN remains the main player. The British streaming service shows all matches until the final. In the free TV mix, but also in Puls 4 (Austria) and RTL Nitro (Germany).

ÖFB national team: At least, the Austrian national football team continues to host the ORF. All qualified for the European Championship of the Foda troupe will remain on public television in 2019/2020.

Football on TV – an overview

Sky: The pay-TV channel in Munich hosts the Champions League, Premier League, German Bundesliga, German Bundesliga, DFB Cup, Austrian Bundesliga, Tennis, Golf, Formula 1 and Erste Bank Eishockey Liga. COST: from € 24.99 per month.
DAZN: The UK streaming provider features the Champions League, Serie A, German Bundesliga, Ligue 1, La Liga, Europa League, cycling, tennis, alpine skiing, olympics and American sports.
COST: 11.99 euros per month.
TV A1: The cable operator broadcasts four matches of the Austrian Bundesliga in free television. COST: 6,90 Euro per month.
ORF: The exclusive live football content is only available at the ORF this season in the form of the ÖFB national team. GIS costs in Tyrol amount to 24.63 per month. 2nd league transfers are free.
Pulse 4: A Europa League match is live on Free-TV.