Jon Bellion comes to Batschkapp 2

Jon Bellion comes to Batschkapp

Jon Bellion looks like a Disney character on this illustration because he wants to write a Pixar soundtrack.
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Seckbach (red) – American singer-songwriter and producer Jon Bellion comes to Frankfurt with his new album "The Glory Sound Prep" on Tuesday, September 24th from 8pm.

Bellion is one of those artists who are wondering how one can be so versatile. Whether in front of the microphone, on the piano, on the controls or on the text sheet, the 28-year-old native of Long Islander has everything in hand, from writing to production to production. of songs.

His music is a mix of diverse influences. He is inspired by hip hop, indie rock, disco and Hollywood music. His models include Kanye West, Phil Collins, Coldplay and Hans Zimmer. All these ingredients blend Jon Bellion with a catchy and modern pop.

In high school, however, the direction of Jon's life was not yet clear. After all, he was not only a talented musician, but also a talented basketball player. Fortunately, however, he had a friend who had sent one of his mixtapes to a label and had made his decision. At the age of 19, he left college and decided to become a professional songwriter.

His greatest hits as a writer include Eminems and "Monster" and "Trumpets" by Jason Derulo's Rihanna. In 2011, he appeared as an interpreter, first with the mixtape "Scattered Thoughts Vol.1", then with a cover of Drake's "The Motto". After three other mixtapes, three singles appeared in 2015, which is also found on his first album "The human Condition". With the songs "All Time Low" and "Woke the F * ck up", he quickly wins a fan base. The album comes in fifth place in the US Billboard Top 100 and is a trip around the world from Jon. Each song features an illustrated artwork by Indonesian artist David Ardinaray Lojaya. He looks like a Disney character, because he has a plan: write a soundtrack for a Pixar movie.

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The weekly draw of Frankfurt twice twice for the concert of September 24: Who wants to win, writes an e-mail with the name, address and subject "Bellion" to the address gewinn @ The closing date is Tuesday, August 20th at 10 am

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