Meghan Markle enraged Queen: Guilt are these two words 2

Meghan Markle enraged Queen: Guilt are these two words

Sometimes they look like close friends, then again to enemies. Meghan Markle seems rather in the royal house. Because with the royal rules, the duchess does not take it so exactly. They are especially important for the queen. Now he is said to have returned to an argument between Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Meghan.

Meghan annoys the queen – and the royal environment

The reason for the latest differences is still the etiquette. Meghan still seems to have trouble adapting to the traditions and realities of the English royal family. The queen does not like that. After all, Meghan is a duchess in public and has a reputation to defend. Instead, he waves. And the environment reacts.

Meghan's behavior has its first consequences.

It has been recently learned that Prince Harry's social circle would not invite him, or Meghan, to parties. Because they would repeatedly violate traditional rules and procedures. But that alone is not what annoys the queen. She is particularly irritated by Meghan's reaction.

Meghan despises the royal rules

Instead of apologizing, it questions the royal rules. It is said to have despised the label as "exclusive" and "traditional", The words that the queen does not like at all.

What is really happening behind the scenes of the royal house, only the participants know it. Perhaps the annual family vacation at Balmoral Castle in Scotland provides an opportunity for debate. Because even between William and Kate and Harry and Meghan, it should be difficult after Harry has revealed how many kids are planned. That princes and duchesses meet, however, is debatable. Kate and William reportedly delayed their arrival at Balmoral.

Meanwhile, Archie, Harry's son and Meghan, have calmed down. Here you can again click on the cutest pictures of Baby Archie.