Prince William + Duchess Catherine: Will you still hunt deer in Scotland? 2

Prince William + Duchess Catherine: Will you still hunt deer in Scotland?

When 37-year-old Prince William and 37-year-old Duchess Catherine travel to Scotland this autumn for a 93-year-old holiday with Queen Elizabeth at Balmoral Castle, they both go on vacation. in the eyes. Will William and Kate go in search of deer and attack animal rights advocates?

The Duchess Catherine was formed by Charles

Prince Charles, 70, and Prince Philip, 98, used to hunt deer at Balmoral Castle, Scotland. Charles had already taken William and his younger brother, Prince Harry, 34, into this tradition. And Kate was also privileged to be formed by Charles in 2007.

A reward for the friend then of his eldest son and a clear sign that the heir to the throne that Kate has adopted as future daughter-in-law. However: Kate apparently would not have shot, Charles was supposed to have shown him how to load the rifle, wait in the grass and aim for a target.

The Duchess Catherine

Not only Kate is surprised by this price

It was good that she could laugh as well: the Duchess of Cambridge received a huge wooden spoon for the last place of her participation in the sailing regatta The King's Cup.

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Criticism of the bloody hunt

And yet, Peta Peta Kate has been severely criticized: "It is shocking and disgusting that she is engaged in the hunt, and Kate is obviously trying to make herself known to the royal family, but she will not favor that decision. Most of the audience will be disgusted by these images, some comparing Kate to Diana, but Diana never wore fur and she was also opposed to hunting, "said a spokeswoman for the organization.

In fact, in September 1980, Charles and Princess Diana, aged 37, were hunted, which should have been done for the prince and a sense of accomplishment. An experience that seemed so negative for Diana that she decided never to hunt again.

From one side against, on the other for hunting

There are rumors that William and Kate will move to Balmoral Castle. But it is not confirmed yet.

However, if both travel and even go hunting, animal rights activists will certainly appeal to this plan. It is a contradiction that both oppose on the one hand to the cruel hunt and trade of elephants, rhinos and tigers, on the other hand, but that they even hunt animals they say.

But is this comparison justified? While elephants, rhinos and tigers are at risk of extinction, hunting in the Scottish Highlands controls the deer population without natural predators. But you do not want to see a duchess kill a sweet deer – you can not even imagine it.

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