The season begins in Spain: chaos and spectacle guaranteed | 2

The season begins in Spain: chaos and spectacle guaranteed |

Reinforced FC Barcelona opens the season in Spain on Friday in Bilbao. Atletico Madrid is the competitor, at Real Tristesse the winner.

Many things are new in Spain before the start of the 90th season, including the conditions of the capital. Defending champions FC Barcelona have reversed the roles. It is the Atlético Madrid, with João Félix, the professional footballer of 127 million euros, the record of the transfer of the European summer. And it's the Atletico that seems better placed than the once powerful Real.

Felix, 19, has created an euphoria that has not been seen for so long in this passionate club. "João is a gold mine", white "Marca". Paulo Futre, Portuguese compatriot of the elegant half-storm, confirms: "The boy is very cheap."

Real Madrid will not let go Gareth Bale

For a long time, Sergeant-trainer Diego Simeone has not talked about losing half of the home team (Antoine Griezmann, Diego Godin, Lucas Hernandez, Juanfran, Filipe Luis, Rodri). Atlético was on the verge of recruiting Rodrigo Moreno of Valencia, who would be the third Spanish striker of the Red-White team after Diego Costa and Álvaro Morata.

A few kilometers further, Tristesse prevails. Real's preparation was disappointing all along the line. Coach Zinedine Zidane stubbornly relies on ancestral powers. The usual flow of goals that he has met recently with a little royal defense at five. And Toptransfer Eden Hazard (100 million euros in Chelsea) has joined the complaint in a transparent manner for years. Paul Pogba seems to be missing at Zidane's transfer destination and remains at his merchants Gareth Bale and James Rodríguez, where the total expenditure of 300 million euros hardly arouse new minds, because "As" already tells a "summer" lost".

The Archival Barcelona, ​​which opens the season Friday at Athletic Bilbao at 21h, has done better. In particular, Frenkie de Jong, originally from Ajax Amsterdam for 75 million euros, has opened the doors of his new home – as it could be here too. The safety of the passes and the intelligence of the game are reminiscent of classic Barça directors like Xavi Hernández or Sergio Busquets, his current team-mate.

At the same time, De Jong, at the age of 21, provides the necessary improvement in speed and dynamics. Coach Ernesto Valverde can tackle his attacking lotto in a more relaxed way. After the commitment of Griezmann for 120 million euros, there are five stars for three places. In the absence of the injured, Lionel Messi convinced by the 4-0 win against Naples, a trio of Griezmann, Ousmane Dembele and Luis Suarez. For Philippe Coutinho, however, is still looking for a buyer, perhaps Bayern.

Friday yes, monday no

Clubs such as Celta de Vigo (first host of Real, Saturday) or Getafe (Sunday at Atlético) are now concerned about other concerns, since the long-term dispute between officials Spanish football regarding the skills of the game board has intensified. The association said Friday and Monday abolished for abolished, the league, however, went to court, and this imposed until the facts clarify an injunction for the first three days of match: Friday yes, Monday no. Unpopular dates at the beginning of the week are, of course, part of existing television contracts. 200 to 300 million euros less could mean renegotiations, suspects the league. For smaller clubs, however, television revenues account for up to 90% of their budget.

Chaos and show – and maybe not everything. If now in Paris, hit by the return of Neymar, 222 million euros player, homesickness, the series really begins.