US rappers sentenced in Sweden: ASAP Rocky remains free despite guilty verdict 2

US rappers sentenced in Sweden: ASAP Rocky remains free despite guilty verdict

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American rapper ASAP Rocky beats a man during a stopover in Stockholm – supposedly to defend himself. The fact that he was arrested for this reason causes misunderstanding in the United States. But the Swedish legal system remains difficult.

American rapper ASAP Rocky has been sentenced to a probation sentence in Sweden for beating the street. The court found that it was proven that he and two co-accused had beaten and kicked a young man in Stockholm while he was lying on the ground.

They were not in a situation where they only defended themselves. However, the crime was not so serious that he should have gone to jail, ruled the court. The victim receives compensation. The prosecution had required six months in prison.

ASAP Rocky was released after a month of detention last weekend and returned to the United States. He and two of his companions had been tried in Sweden for assault in court. By the end of June, they had beaten the Stockholm man in the street – because of personal information, after being harassed and harassed by him for a long time.

Support from Trump and Kanye West

ASAP Rocky was originally in Sweden for a two-day hip-hop festival when the incident occurred. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian have been trying to help their friend by using their links with the White House.

US President Donald Trump then telephoned Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Löfven. Stockholm emphasized the independence of the Swedish judiciary. The government should not interfere in legal affairs. In Sweden, everyone is equal before the law. This is also true for rappers.