Bitcoin falls below the $ 10,000 mark 2

Bitcoin falls below the $ 10,000 mark

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Bitcoin, the oldest and best known digital currency. Photo: Ina Fassbender

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Following not to see the upward trend of Bitcoin digital currency. Early in the morning, the price on the Bitstamp trading platform fell further.

faFrankfurt / Main (dpa) – The Bitcoin digital currency has continued the decline of the last days of trading. Early in the morning, the price on the Bitstamp trading platform fell back below $ 10,000.

In the morning, Bitcoin traded at $ 9680, down nearly 5% from the previous night. Since the beginning of the week, Bitcoin is down and lost about 15% of its value.

Digital currency is generally subject to large price fluctuations. Financial experts repeatedly warn of the high risks associated with buying bitcoins. Digital currency is generated by complex computer processes on the computer. The basic idea of ​​Bitcoin, launched in 2009 during the financial crisis, is largely anonymous payments operating independently of governments and banks.

In June, the price of bitcoin reached its highest level since early 2018 with just under 14,000 USD, falling to around 9,000 USD at the end of July. The record was reached at the end of 2017 with just under 20,000 USD.

"Bitcoin has been well into the past few days," said Christian Henke, an analyst at igmarkets. In his opinion, the technical situation of the cards has recently deteriorated considerably.

In addition, losses in bitcoins are considered in the context of the general liquidation of financial markets during the last trading days. "Investors have obviously been hit by the biggest losses in the global stock markets," commented analyst Emden Emmen Research's Timo Emden. He believes that the general slowdown in financial markets at Bitcoin has led to an increase in profit-taking.