Broad wave of acceptance of Bitcoins in South America (20,000,000 people) 2

Broad wave of acceptance of Bitcoins in South America (20,000,000 people)

In South American countries, a big wave of acceptance of Bitcoins is emerging, with better access to cryptocurrencies.

The leading provider of banking technology in Latin America, Bantotal, is partnering with Bitex, a crypto-exchange, to facilitate cross-border payments with Bitcoin. This partnership will enable Bantotal customers to access Bitex services with traditional financial services.

Manuel Beaudroit, CEO of Bitex, said:

Bitex's integration into the Bantotal program represents an important step in the market breakthrough block of the chain

A distributed, distributed and public database based on cryptographic encryption.


"href =" "> BlockchainTechnology in the banking sector.

Bantotal is a basic banking service provider based in Uruguay, serving more than 60 different financial institutions in 14 different countries. According to Bantotal spokesman, about 20 million people use Bantotal money management services.

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Bitex intends to participate in this new partnership to facilitate the transfer of decree

Money discovered z. For example, euros, dollars, etc.


"href =" "> FIATThe currencies too cryptocurrency

Digital currencies, mostly decentralized, always distributed and protected by a cryptographic protocol. Bitcoin was the very first cryptocurrency.


"crypto-currency" to facilitate. This is a good example of how the cryptocurrency transition can work at the institutional level.

Great development in the crypto industry

Banks and financial institutions can make the most of the efficiency of cryptocurrency and blockchain without having to invest in crypto. This process is a good example of acceptance and a very exciting thing.

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It is above all an important development because it allows a large number of customers to access interesting new payment methods. Methods that will encourage the use of crypto-currencies for international payments between countries where these 60 financial institutions operate.

Thanks to services such as Bitex, the introduction of cryptocurrency is possible in large areas and is becoming more and more common day by day. It's great to see traditional financial companies, which is great for the cryptography industry.


If you have a materialwallet

A virtual wallet to "store" cryptocurrencies. (Strictly speaking, only the private key of a cryptocurrency is kept here)


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