Football: Liverpool after the crime Winner of the UEFA Supercup 2

Football: Liverpool after the crime Winner of the UEFA Supercup

Sadio Mane (48, 95) of ex-Salzburg scored two goals for Liverpool. Chelsea scored the first goal of Olivier Giroud (36th), while Jorginho (101st) led the Londoners to penalties for a 2-2 draw. There, the Spanish Adrian held the last sentence of Tammy Abraham. For Liverpool, it was the fourth triumph of the Supercup in the history of the club. In 1977, 2001 and 2005, too, they were allowed to lift the trophy in the air.

Liverpool clearly took the initiative in the first UEFA all-round UEFA all-English and tied the "Blues" to his half. In the first important opportunity of Mohamed Salah Chelsea goalkeeper, Kepa was on the post (16th). With the continuation of the first half of London, but found much better in the game, was a dangerous counterattack and also found a total of many more options.

Torjubel by Olivier Giroud (Chelsea)

AP / Thanassis Stavrakis

The top scorer of the Europa League, Giroud, made a great combination to qualify 1-0 for the Blues

Chelsea takes command

Pedro kicked the ball from a sharp angle at the bar, Liverpool goalkeeper Adrian was still at his fingertips (22). The injured Brazilian substitute Alisson also saved Mateo Kovacic (32) the urgent need. Four minutes later, the 32-year-old was defeated. A solid game on N & # 39; Golo Edge and Christian Pulisic round out Frenchman Giroud for deserved leadership. The supposed 2-0 (40) of Pulisic was not rightly recognized as offside.

At the break, the German coach from Liverpool, Jürgen Klopp, might have found the right words. The "Reds" are clearly improved and compensated quickly. On Fabinho and Roberto Firmino, the ball landed in Mane's penalty area, which reacted faster than Kepa and beat the Chelsea goalkeeper. Fabinho has almost filled, with his 20-meter shot at goal, not much (50.). In addition, Kepa was on a deflected shot of Henderson on the spot (51.). The Chelsea custodian was able to excel at 75 minutes. He first organized a graduation ceremony at Salah, then trimmed the extra margin of Virgil van Dijk which deserved to be viewed at the same time. help from crossbar and pole.

Shot on goal by Sadio Mane (Liverpool)

AP / Thanassis Stavrakis

Shortly after the break, the former Salzburg Mane reunited to tie 1-1.

Jorginho score by penalty

This paved the way for extension. At first, Mane came back to the front. The star of the offensive was, after the initiation of the action itself, ideally served by Firmino and met by the bottom of the bar in the goal. Chelsea fought back. Adrian was able to save first in a final Abraham (98.), brought the "Joker" of the "Blues" but a minute later in the unfortunate affair. The penalty earned Jorginho the ruler. Subsequently, Chelsea was about to win, but Abraham (104.) just missed the door, just like Pedro (114). In addition, Adrian was singled out in a shot by Mason Mount (113).

With Chelsea losing on penalties, it was the second setback of the current season after a bitter start against Manchester United. Liverpool succeeded Atletico Madrid.

The referee Frappart has a match under control

Referee Stephanie Frappart delivered a sovereign performance. For the first time in a large UEFA men's football competition match, a woman has been deployed. This was not a first for the 35-year-old Frenchwoman. It was used for the first time in French Ligue 1 in April and is now part of the group of fixed referees of the highest French league.

UEFA Super Cup


Liverpool – Chelsea 2: 2 (0: 1,1: 1) before V., 5: 4 i. E.

Istanbul, Besiktas Park, SR Stephanie Frappart (FRA)

Goal: 0: 1 Giroud (36) 1: 1 Mane (48.) 2: 1 Mane (95.) 2: 2 Jorginho (101./Elfmeter)