Helena Bonham-Carter: Princess Margaret was "scary" 2

Helena Bonham-Carter: Princess Margaret was "scary"

It is not uncommon for actors to get to know the person behind their role. But with Helena Bonham-Carter, 53, the reverse occurred: the actress already had several years before the real Princess Margaret, 71, before taking her place in the third season of "The Crown". About the meeting with 93-year-old Queen Elizabeth II's sister made the British star an astonishing statement.

Helena Bonham-Carter: "She was rather scary"

Helena's family is deeply rooted in the British political world. His father is a respected political speaker and comes from a family of well known British politicians. This may explain his uncle's close contact with the British royal family. Because, as Bonham-Carter announces now, according to the British "Mirror", it was "actually very tight". For example, several years ago, she had the opportunity to personally meet her current role in the series role at Windsor Castle. "She was pretty scary," said the star of the series about the princess. With the question: "Are you better, right?", She asks at the meeting also after the progress of Helena's debut actor career.

"The Crown" starts on November 17th

In the third season of "The Crown", it will be dramatic for Princess Margaret. The passionate marriage between her and photographer Antony Armstrong-Jones, played by Ben Daniels, 55, occupies a central place. According to Mirror, actor Daniels said: "They are such extraordinary people, totally dependent on each other, even until they divorced, they still had a very strong physical relationship." Margaret's relationship with gardener Roddy Llewelyn (Harry Treadway, 34) is also discussed. The third season begins on November 17th.

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