Killzone Intercept - Exclusive trailer for Vimeo 2

Killzone Intercept – Exclusive trailer for Vimeo

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Killzone Intercept is a live action short series made by fans during which the ISA evacuated Helghan in Killzone 3. The 14-minute film follows a small ISA group as they are told to prevent a large group of Helghast troops from seizing the retreating ISA convoy. . With the exception of the number, the team takes up the task, hoping to get everyone on the planet alive.

Director's note:
"This is another film project that has been done for 2 years and is only possible with amazing work and the support of friends and family. It amazes me what can happen when a bunch of talented people are passionate about the project. In previous projects we have never received any Fortunately, Guerrilla Games gave kindly feedback and appreciation to fans who loved the game. Other developers should take notes. Now, enjoy the movie! "