Meghan and Harry make secret holidays in Ibiza 2

Meghan and Harry make secret holidays in Ibiza

The Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry publicly pledge to protect the climate – but even take the plane in private jet appointments appointments. The latter caused a shitty storm, which suited the royal couple. Now they should have gone back in the private jet – and even for private pleasure. Meghan and Harry, along with baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, traveled to Ibiza on August 6, as reported in the online edition of the Spanish daily El Pais. His bodyguards should have been on board as well. For five days, the small family would have spent their holidays in a rented villa in the south of the island.

As the portal points out, the occasion of the short break was Meghan's 38th birthday on August 4th. It was the first vacation of the small family and the first trip of baby Archie, three months old. Of course, he has also returned to the private jet, the trip should finally reach the public.

Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry have been criticized for some time

The fact that the flight in the private jet has propelled tons of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere, for some certainly again negative. Especially because it was the private pleasure of the Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry. Both are passionately committed to environmental protection and sustainable living, but should actually interfere, some find their supporters.

The couple probably wanted to take a short break because of the recent noisy and rather secretive reviews. Finally, it was assumed that Meghan Markle would celebrate her birthday in Scotland and invited by Queen Elizabeth II to their rural estate Balmoral. If it happened, but we do not know it.

Source used: "El Pais"