Olivia Colman in "The Crown": "It's horrible." 2

Olivia Colman in "The Crown": "It's horrible."

Olivia Colman in "The Crown": "It's horrible." 3

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Olivia Colman in "The Crown": "It's horrible." 5

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Olivia Colman jokes that "The Crown" is the worst job in the world.
The British actress will assume the role of Queen Elizabeth in the third and fourth seasons of the hit series. She has many footprints to fill – her predecessor, Claire Foy, has finally received awards for her portrayal of the young monarch. "It's horrible," admits Oliva. "Everyone loves Claire Foy, that's why I have the worst job in the world right now." In an interview with "Entertainment Weekly," the 45-year-old "The Crown" compares to a theater classic: "Everyone will have played that role before."

But Olivia must not hide behind other colleagues: she can qualify as an Oscar winner and two-time winner of the Golden Globe. Nevertheless, she was intimidated by the talent of her predecessor. "The first week, I tried to mimic Claire:" What would she have done? ", Describes the murder of the girl. actress of the Orient Express. With their role in "The Crown", a real dream came true: "I was incredibly cold, because the producers said, so …" [Und ich sagte] Yes! Yes! I am very excited! Thank you so much! "I loved the first two seasons."

For the creator of the series, Peter Morgan, Olivia was the only eligible candidate for this challenging role. "I think I wanted to know that [sie die Rolle ├╝bernimmt]"Even before the end of negotiations for season 3 and 4," he revealed. The third season of "The Crown" will be on Netflix from November 17th.

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