What we experienced in Gothenburg (report and photos) 2

What we experienced in Gothenburg (report and photos)

We are sitting behind the big window of the covered bowling alley in the old town, just behind the fish church and we are watching the thin, thick, then filiform drops falling from the sky. And then, the urban-viking urban and blonde Swede in crazy service tells us that he was participating nine times in a row at the "Way Out West" festival until 2018 – "and that it was raining at least one day a year ".

Really good oil

If you want to visit the second largest city of Sweden, outdoors, know that there is going to be a lot of humidity. However, the surprisingly young average local crowd of "Way Out West" can also demonstrate that it's not just in sometimes fabulous, neon-colored outfits, with heavy, cut-out 90s outfits, rather like clubs, between the picturesque The lush green and the duck pond Slottsskogen (castle park) trust, but there is also a reliable and colorful oil in the hanging closet.

From indie to cardi

"Urban" is the first key word best suited to describe the purpose of the "Way Out West" program. Launched in 2007 from the beginning as a relatively ambiguous but nevertheless ambitious indie rock and pop festival (at the premiere, a certain Kanye West was already on stage), the series of events was opened and moved over the years. far stylistically. And he has long since taken into account the fact that the stars of youth are found mainly in genres such as hip-hop, R & B and neo-soul.

That creators miss relatively short term and without any other motivation Cardi B as a star jumped, then is a success in the office. with Jorja Smith Although another shooting star jumps in. The Englishwoman places her beautiful soulful voice at the center of her performance. But a real show as expected of the current Queen of American rap that she can not deliver.

This is even more true for the Grime-1-Man-Force Stormzy, who almost immortalized a few weeks ago with his political appearance in Glastonbury and who knows how to ban thousands with barely more than a DJ and an expressively recorded video projection screen. In western Sweden, traditionally largely open to British influences, the London rapper is celebrating almost a home game.

Current and exciting music = high proportion of women

Otherwise, but most importantly, women set the tone for "Way Out West". For the third time, the festival presents itself, as well as its audience (which seems to override the female role), as many male and female actors on stage – which is not so difficult in music, which in the best sense as contemporary can denote. Obviously, there is also specific mention of female musicians who, in their artistic relations and especially in their public relations, adopt emancipatory behavior.

So this weekend, especially in terms of music and by its sometimes provocative character starring as long as (Knowles) in memory. The fact that this woman hardly has the power of superstar and the sovereignty that her sister has, but that she has just opted for a much more complex language, seems quite obvious here.

What we experienced in Gothenburg (report and photos) 3
Christine & The Queens (she prefers to call Chris) is released from shame, and you can dance on that!

The demonstration of strength, pride and passion Christine and queens on the other hand, with its fully motivated dance troupe, the French coup de grace with its recent transformation has succeeded: get out of educated shame, models and rules for gender and class! She calls this message as an interim announcement once again as breathless as it is radiant in the fist round.

Badus Wonderland

while Erykah Badu In a very engaging, almost authoritarian manner, this clearly shows that she is clearly in touch with spiritual forces. It's hard to explain that her band instinctively follows her like a migratory bird as she strolls through a land of seemingly limitless wonders: soul, funk, jazz, hip-hop and R & B. to a goddess (farther away) with a tin wig under the red raincoat signal.

Of course, there are also some in Sweden. For many teenagers there is Silvana Imam definitely one. Although this would certainly help to understand their words – that the urgent and dramatic performance of the Lithuanian-Syrian-Swedish rapper with his anti-racist, right-wing as well as homophobic message, brings together many people in the afternoon, talks about # 39; itself.

Old white men appear

We search old white The men attending this festival will probably find one on the second day of the festival. Also in the audience, which seems a bit in the big picture, as if the girls and their fathers were traveling in the Slottsskogen, but because of a strange dimension change, they can not see each other and so carelessly go on each other. Men are not in fact goalkeepers, but again the only real big rock band (white) of the program (leaves Spiritualized outside) to experience: The cure,

What we experienced in Gothenburg (report and photos) 4
Robert Smith in Pose: The white and melancholy old man in which The Cure has plunged for more than 40 years.

You can hear them throughout the festival season they inspire in Europe, even en masse, even for people who have gone through puberty without a blower. Simply play through old-school-on-the-stage-at-the-light-and-haze-and-stand-and-rock-and-pop songs, which always have a dark and dense atmosphere and melody to them. Old that is spreading to this day, after which armies of other guitar groups have stretched in vain during all these years. In Gothenburg, it's no different, the audience is not very dense. but a smiling Robert Smith, in a singing and peculiar mood and with a six- to seven-sentence message, as he has rarely done so far.

More beautiful fine print

That an outdoor movie really wants to destroy something in terms of content or rather squeeze on a low risk routine only appears in the small print of the festival poster. Again, "Way Out West" does a lot and almost proves an educational approach, if for example the legendary couple Mali Blueser Amadou and Mariam including the amazing existing group like (gospel) since 1939 (!) The blind of Alabama placed on one of the two big scenes.

What we experienced in Gothenburg (report and photos) 5
If you look good, the jazz legend smiles softly: Pharoah Sanders sends Love, Freedom and Peace, even if he does not play.

On the one hand, those afternoon niches, which seem to have little connection with the rest of the events (for music historians), tend to be in largely unresolved. On the other hand, it is estimated that 2000 people live, for example, the legend of free and spiritual jazz of 78 years Pharoah Sanders fight with his saxophone on the controller to mic, to fly in a freedom that, even after 50 years, can not create any hindrance (the one that has just been met recently) Stereolab occur at the same time, especially Stereolab itself may have been able to). If not much good gets stuck …

Only the park sleeps

"Way Out West" is even more catchy with its night program (with more discoverable numbers like Stella Donnelly, mom of football, Laurel Halo, Loyle Carner, Lafawndah etc.), which continues after the end of the broadcast in the park in the clubs of the city, as well as thanks to its wide range of films and its many parallel debates – during a festival gathering 30000 spectators, one wonders at one point, who actually looks at everything and – hear. Anyway, nobody plays ball in Gothenburg, and drinking a lot of alcohol still requires a pretty big credit card: the few brown flasks that splash laughing girls are not enough.

What we experienced in Gothenburg (report and photos) 6
Which the addiction center can not do as much with chewing tobacco or nicotine pills has to go to the smoking premises at Way Out West.

And although at one point, a little tasting cup – that's-all-right-coffee-not-good-taste-but-rather-well-yes-too-oat milk on a piece of birch trunk has settled (not two meters of market without Scandinavian design!), This incredibly relaxed and demanding festival raises more and more questions such as: should I eat even less or, at best, no meat (the "Way Out West" entire lasts for years without, even in the artist-food)? Are nicotine lozenges actually a response to smoking pens found in public places? (A capitalist definitely.)

And: would I continue to enjoy order and lasting Scandinavian care when OrdningsvaktForces that, in their warm gray uniforms, resemble the cursed crooks of the Olsen gang, but who, as security guards, also cross each other at two o'clock in the middle of the club, suddenly appear at the hotel's breakfast buffet. Hotel (sugar control?)?

Waffles instead of weapons!

And then you bite into his cup. Not acted by the skip or because of the last piece of punk in the heart, but because it's made of waffles. Composting or simply plaster. It can be assumed that it is only a matter of time before these Swedes have found a way to eat only their Saturday afternoon festival after the last sound of the speakers. Because we do not fool ourselves: they are light-years away from us.

Photo: Hilda Arneback / All rights reserved

Photo: Hilda Arneback / All rights reserved

Photo: Hilda Arneback / All rights reserved

Photo: Hanna Brunlöf / All rights reserved

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