White Knight - Chicago Timelapse Project 2

White Knight – Chicago Timelapse Project

White Knight is a feature schedule project by Ross Gerbasi and I took this last October at Chicago's famous The Wrigley Building. If Chicago were a chess board, The Wrigley Building would be a white knight. Chess Law in Chess represents armored cavalry and is a powerful piece, just like The Wrigley Building. It is proudly located in the heart of downtown Chicago by the river and stunning miles away. The knight is always close to the action and this is true of The Wrigley Building. One of the things that has always attracted me to The Wrigley Building is its unique architecture, it seems to be adorned with strategically placed chess pieces. It is a treasure for the eyes with all the unique craftsmanship it contains. I am lucky that I have worked closely with the owners to obtain unique materials from the top, some of which you see here. Also the word and the term Knight and Night go hand in hand.

The gear we acquired for the footage are motion control devices from Kessler Crane and a number of Canon 5D applications combined with a Canon Cinema lens. Customized with LRTimelapse, Adobe Premiere and After Effects.

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