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The German crypto market,, is now waiting with an iOS app to easily exchange BTC and other cryptographic currencies. Combined with an account at Fidor Bank, this translates into an attractive approach to iPhone transactions.

The choice of the preferred trading platform for cryptocurrencies is above all determined by usability. Here, now wants to mark with an application developed for Apple iPhones, which is linked to express trading with an account at Fidor Bank. Once the application is configured, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV) and Bitcoin Gold (BTG) can be traded in real time and almost against the clock. euro. claims to have more than 80,000 customers in Europe, which guarantees sufficient volumes in exchanges with Bitcoin and Co. The iOS app called is available here in the App Store. Apple as a free download. On a version for Android is worked according to the blog, a publication date is not fixed yet.

Does the application of m interest it?

Who is the customer and who acts regularly should look at the application in any case. The marketplace offers German-speaking assistance and charges below 0.5% are competitive. is really exciting, however, only in the connection to an account at Fidor Bank. Only then, an express exchange is possible in real time. The new application now offers the service to be instantly informed by an integrated ring when individually specified brands are under- or sub-related to BTC and other supported cryptographic currencies. Since authentication via the fingerprint sensor runs on the iPhone, security is assured and you can react quickly to price movements in Bitcoin and Co. The first customer voices on the Application express completely satisfied. If you already have an account on and an iPhone, it is worth it to try the application for sure. with the new iOS app for easy BTC trading 4

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