Illegal exploitation of Bitcoin: an employee of the power station accused 2

Illegal exploitation of Bitcoin: an employee of the power station accused

Illegal mining of Bitcoin: an employee of the accused power station – Coin Hero

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Illegal exploitation of Bitcoin: an employee of the power station accused 3

Stupidity is punished: the fact that the mining actions were discovered in a Ukrainian nuclear power station would actually force the authors to be clear.

Security agencies file lawsuits against offenders

Crazy world in Ukraine? It is common knowledge that Bitcoin Mining or similar activities on other currencies can bring in money. But this is only on the condition that miners pay as little as possible for the large amounts of electricity consumed when extracting new parts. Even better than "cheap", it's just "free". This is achieved, for example, by using malware and Trojans. In the past, there were still reports of illegal mining volume for often ignorant victims. At best, infected machines operate more slowly, in the worst case the owners of the mining systems themselves become the center of official investigations. China, for example, wants to ban mining, as the recent months clearly indicate. New flowers have led the engagement of minors now in Ukraine.

Internet access brought investigators to the track

Recent reports show that the second largest power plant in the country should have been the starting point for illegal mining. Curious. The dilemma for the perpetrators: They could not just go to court because of the forbidden electricity consumption. The plant is classified as a state secret. Thus, the SBU – the Ukrainian security service responsible – records the activities as a high risk for the security of the establishment. The result was now a confiscation of the computer systems used in Yuzhoukrainsk NPP. It is unclear how many employees have been involved. The inevitable error of the authors: The systems of the central should not be used for normal Internet access. If you want to make money by using Bitcoin, Litecoin and other currencies, you need to access WWW and Blockchain. It is precisely here that the first contact with the investigators took place.

Security risk as a reason for severe sanctions

Due to the risk to the security of the state, any sanctions should not be underestimated. They are potentially higher than normal. A court has already confirmed that strictly confidential information had been leaked through an unacceptable Internet connection. At most, the miners of the Ukrainian nuclear power plant are at most eight years in jail. Otherwise, usually two to five years maximum imprisonment. In the meantime, the competent authority SGE has initiated criminal proceedings. What we learned in the middle of the week has already started a few weeks ago. As already in the second week of July, the searches took place in two Ukrainian power stations. Nearly 30 graphics cards and other devices were confiscated. However, a particularly restrictive legal treatment is not recognizable here, especially the high risk for security weighs heavily. Nevertheless, there are usually countries like Canada, which have long been an international leader in Bitcoin Mining.

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