Prince William and Duchess Kate Take Cheap Companies to the Queen 2

Prince William and Duchess Kate Take Cheap Companies to the Queen

While some prefer the private jet for their trips, others rely on a flight for a great price. For the equivalent of 80 euros per person, Prince William, Duchess Kate and the children now flew to Scotland.

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Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan are still in criticism. More recently, the couple has used private jets four times over the past eleven days, although Prince Charles' youngest son is so attached to the environment.

Prince William and Duchess Kate, on the other hand, accumulate a lot of bonus points. Currently, because the couple with his three children did not take a private plane for a trip to Scotland, but rather a cheap airline.

Toilet reserved for the royal family

According to the British daily The Sun, the family of five flew Thursday morning from Norwich Airport to Aberdeen Airport. A FlyBe ticket usually costs around 80 euros. Some additional wishes have nevertheless been fulfilled by the family.

As a daily passenger, William and Kate should have gone up only in the plane, all the others having already taken place. In addition, the toilets were closed especially for the royal family.

"One does not expect to see the Royals in a cheap airline"

Some members of the British royal family were on board, others not. The reserved toilets were officially down. Only when a Range Rover column on the tarmac waits for the machine does it wake up.

"I could not believe my eyes, you do not expect to see the Royals in a cheap airline," said the passenger. The daily assumes that William, Kate and the children visit the Queen in their field, the Balmoral Castle. Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip spend the summer months there.

Harry and Meghan, however, have traveled in recent weeks only with a private jet. First, the former actress, her husband and the baby had flown to Ibiza, after a few days he returned to London. Even in Nice, the little family had a break. For the flight in the south of France, they also used their own plane. Previously, Prince Harry had already been to Sicily with a Google event. At the same time, the royal couple repeatedly calls for climate protection in social networks.