Stop the insults in football 2

Stop the insults in football

The former national player Robert Huth does, even after his career, what he's always done best: clean up. He therefore calls for a more severe sanction for insults in football. Why he is necessarily right.

Robert Huth, whom they called "The Berlin Wall" in England and throughout his career, measures 1.91 meters and still looks like a man largely made up of power. This is why it is not suspected to be particularly devious.

This is all the more surprising as Huth, who has just been able to calculate, who is hardly known as a speaker or gossip, also speaks clearly against something that is supposed to be a cultural asset for football: ;insult.

His statements on British radio "BBC5" were triggered by racial remarks that Paul Pogba received on social media earlier this week. Because he had missed a penalty.

Are there any insults?

Statements that Huth did not want to delay, however, because he looked at the situation as a whole and said, "I think the problem goes well beyond racial slurs. of a larger problem: in football, anyone can offend anyone. "A circumstance that he no longer wants to accept because:" An insult is an insult. expelled from the stadiums, but those with their insults just below this limit can stay in. This is terrible, without wishing to downplay what happened to Pogba and the other players. "

In the first reflex, this may seem strange, because the "we against the" belongs to football and a little "asshole, wanker, son of a bitch" has still hurt anyone, must know how to do without . Do you have to?