With Bitcoin, it goes downhill 2

With Bitcoin, it goes downhill

Most recent sessions have seen Bitcoin prices fall below support levels of $ 10,200 and $ 10,000. The BTC / USD has tested the last minimum, close to 9,750 USD, and is currently correcting (08:00 UTC) on the rise. However, the upward movement around USD 10,150 and USD 10,200 is likely to cause many hurdles. The most important altcoins, including Ethereum, Ripple, BCH, EOS, ADA, BNB, TRX and XLM, also fell sharply. ETH / USD fell below USD190 support and tested USD180 support. XRP / USD broke the key in support of $ 0.270 and could fall in the direction of $ 0.250.

Total market capitalization

With the bitcoin course, it goes downhill 101
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Bitcoin price

After a drop of $ 10,200 in support, the price of bitcoin accelerated to below $ 10,000. BTC / USD has revisited the support area of ​​$ 9,750 and is currently correcting above. The immediate resistance is close to the levels of 9,980 USD and 10,000 USD. However, the main resistances are close to values ​​of 10 150 USD and 10 200 USD.
If the price does not exceed the resistance of 10 200 USD, it could fall again. The main support is close to the $ 9,750 level, below which the price could drop to $ 9,500.

Ethereum Award

The Ethereum price has continued its decline under the support of $ 190. ETH / USD has tested the level of USD 180 and is currently trading near the USD 185 level. To rise higher, the price must exceed the resistance values ​​of USD 190 and USD 192.
If there is no break up above $ 192, the price could rise to the $ 180 level. A further downward movement could pave the way for a push to 170 and 165 dollars.

Bitcoin Cash, Eos and Ripple Prize

Bitcoin Cash Price has continued to fall below the $ 300 support level. BCH / USD has tested the level of USD 288 and is currently correcting higher. Recent support at $ 300 and $ 305, however, should prevent gains. The main upside resistance remains close to the 320 USD level.
EOS has reached the next level of significant support, close to the $ 3,500 mark. The price even exceeded the value of $ 3,400 and tested the level of $ 3,350. It appears that the price could continue to fall in the direction of support levels of USD 3,250 and USD 3,200 in future meetings. In addition, the support to date of $ 3,650 has become a crucial brake.
The redemption price was below support levels of $ 0.280 and $ 0.270. It is clear that the XRP / USD is trading in a bearish zone and it seems that the price could fall to the support level of 0.250 USD. On the other hand, the value of USD 0.270 is a strong resistance, followed by USD 0.282.

Other markets Altcoins today

Over the past three sessions, some small cap capitalization products have continued to fall by more than 5%, including EGT, ALGO, VSYS, QNT, MONA, DGB, LEO, DGTX and LINK. On the other hand, BAT, RIF, INB and ENJ have recovered by 5%.

In summary, the price of bitcoin, close to the levels of $ 10,000, $ 10,150 and $ 10,200, has raised many upside obstacles. As a result, BTC / USD could continue to fall above USD 9,750 unless bulls gain ground above US $ 10,200.

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With the Bitcoin course, it goes down

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