20 minutes - William and Kate fly with a low-cost airline 2

20 minutes – William and Kate fly with a low-cost airline

Prince Harry and his wife Meghan flew four times in two and a half weeks on a private jet from London south of Europe. This goes against the fact that they always appear publicly as fighters for climate change and CO2 emissions.


Do you take care of flying less?

Another strategy is taken by Prince William and his family. For their visit to Queen Elizabeth II, they flew regularly between Flybe and Norwich in Scotland. Tickets for this flight cost about 87 francs per person. In total, the family, including the nanny, paid about 440 francs. A flight of Harry and Meghan with the private jet costs about 24,000 francs.

It is unclear whether the older brother made this decision about the criticism of his brother wisely. But the British media assume that they would have been strongly criticized if they had also chosen the private jet.

"I had trouble believing my eyes"

This is not enough. In the photos, you can see Prince William carrying his luggage from the plane to the waiting cars.

The other passengers on the Flybe flight first flew in the air with which they traveled in Scotland. "They were sitting in the front row," said a passenger at the "Mirror". "I had trouble believing my eyes."

This is not the first time that William and Kate are flying with a Flybe machine. In 2011, they flew from Edinburgh to Manchester to attend a wedding.