Beatrice from York: How a pregnancy of her sister Eugenie could thwart her plans 2

Beatrice from York: How a pregnancy of her sister Eugenie could thwart her plans

Soon, the wedding bells could ring at Princess Beatrice's house. As soon as his sister Eugenie could announce a sweet news of her pregnancy. For the future bride, that would mean that she has to postpone her betrothal.

Last September, Princess Beatrice of York (31) met Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi (36). Since then, the two men float on the new cloud and the neat young man has often accompanied Beatrice to the royal events. An early marriage of the happy couple is in sight, experts speculate for a long time on a commitment. Beatrice's sister, Princess Eugenie (29), has been under the hood since last fall. In October, she handed Secretary Jack Brooksbank (33) to Windsor. Happy baby news is eagerly awaited. As the site "" reports, this could become a problem for both sisters when the intention to announce the Good News will coincide. Protocol and tradition say that members of the royal family should not steal the show. Beatrice and Eugenie should decide together, if that happens, who announces their happy event first. But since the sisters are a heart and a soul, they will surely find a good solution.

Beatrice is hard enough, as shown in the following video. Even a foot injury does not prevent the beautiful from sliding high heels for a wedding.

Ouch! With injured foot at the royal wedding

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The story would be repeated with Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie

It would not be the first time in the history of the British royal family to have such a "dilemma". When Queen Elizabeth (93) was pregnant with her son, Prince Andrew (59), his younger sister, Princess Margaret (71), wanted to announce his engagement to Antony Armstrong-Jones († 86). The monarch of today asked his sister to wait for the birth of the little boy, who naturally complied with his commitments. A week after Andrew 's arrival, the couple finally announced their intention to marry.



Queen Elizabeth II
That's why Camilla will be the next queen

These are questions that are often asked: can Prince William follow his son William to the throne instead of Prince Charles? Camilla will she really become queen? The royal podcast "Palace Whispers" took advantage of Prince Charles's 70th birthday to take a closer look at the British throne.

Prince Andrew invited Edoardo to the palace in summer

Last June, the strongest indication so far of an early commitment between Beatrice and Edoardo. Aged 36, he was allowed to accompany his love for an event at the Royal Palace of St. James. Beatrice's father, Andrew, had invited "Pitch @ Palace" on behalf of his campaign since 2014. The event was intended to help young entrepreneurs make useful contacts.

Strongest Indication of a Quick Marriage: Your Edo may already be in the palace

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