Bitcoin and Iota: investors are reborn again - Bitcoins and Blockchain 2

Bitcoin and Iota: investors are reborn again – Bitcoins and Blockchain

Bitcoin & Iota: investors go back

( – 16:23) – Investors have returned to Bitcoin in the context of a further escalation of the US-China trade dispute. The People's Republic announced Friday retaliatory tariffs in response to previously announced US tariffs. Just in time for Wall Street stock trading, market players are turning their backs on titles seeking protection in the cryptocurrency market, for fear of the global risks of a trade dispute. Bitcoin still seems to be taken seriously as a temporary hedge in the event of global risk worsening. On the Luxembourg trading platform Bitstamp, the Friday afternoon price climbed to $ 10,440. Currently, it stands at just under $ 10,400, or 2.45% more. Precious metals gold has been able to grow as a result of the worsening dispute over tariffs and exceed the $ 1,500 mark. Investors could be scared this weekend of new bad news via Donald Trump. A reaction from the American president will probably not be long in coming. Iota (Miota) rose 4.19 percent to $ 0.26.

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Bitcoin and Iota: investors are reborn again - Bitcoins and Blockchain 3