Bitcoin Group: The end is not in sight yet! 2

Bitcoin Group: The end is not in sight yet!


Bitcoin Group's share continues to lose ground. And there are many indications that we have not yet seen the end of this fatal development.

Continuous profit taking

In mid-May, the value of a dynamic movement could penetrate to 45.00 euros. Here, however, persistent resistance has accumulated, which has subsequently been unsustainable despite the new high of the year, at 46.90 euros.

The consequence was a persistent profit taking, which led to the formation of a new downtrend. It has continued in recent days. Negative, from the buyers' point of view, to estimate that both the 50-day and the 50-week periods have fallen in the meantime.

An important brand

Buyers could defend the important support at 30.00 euros from the first try, but the danger is not totally banned. The bulls should therefore continue to demand successful stabilization in this area and then a quick attack against the downward trend as the annual summit is expected to take place. If that succeeds, the 50-day line could be exceeded at 36.07 euros.

However, if buyers fail to stabilize the stock in the range of support to 30.35 euros, the duties first threaten the low of 16. August to 28.85 euros. If this support can not be maintained, we must expect a further decline in the range of the April 2 price differential between 21:30 and 23.90 euros.

Should investors sell immediately? Or is it worth it to start with Bitcoin?

How will the stock continue to grow? Is your money safe in this stock? The answers to these questions and the reason you need to act now are in the current analysis of Bitcoin sharing.

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