Bitcoin pushes gold: Mark Mobius: the "Psychowrack" Bitcoin helps gold to climb | message 2

Bitcoin pushes gold: Mark Mobius: the "Psychowrack" Bitcoin helps gold to climb | message

Is Bitcoin a "Psychowhrung" or a legitimate investment?
Gold prices soar thanks to impending recession

Buy gold, no matter what price?

Bitcoin: curse or blessing?

Since crypto-bitcoin exists, it divides the opinions of analysts and experts. It is considered a digital gold and the other as appalling Snowballing entitled. After one, for Bitcoin, bad year 2018, the digital currency in 2019 could record price gains of more than 200%. – Bitcoin trading with Plus 500 – that's how it works. 80.6% of CFD retail accounts lose money. – While some believe that bitcoin has stabilized and can be compared to gold, crypto crying continues to be highly volatile. This should remain so until the full integration of the financial markets and the corresponding political regulation.

Bitcoin is a "Psychowhrung"

Mark Mobius, a former investor in Franklin Templeton Investments and founder of Mobius Capital Partners, has been criticizing Bitcoin for years, calling it "cryptic" in the past as a "scam".
However, in an interview with BNN Bloomberg, Mobius recently said that, thanks to the current boom in crypto-gold, the price of gold will increase. As a result, Mobius believes only to the extent that the crypto that governs the value of "real assets" such as gold.
Otherwise, bitcoin is a "psycho-wisdom, because it's a matter of faith, whether you believe in bitcoin or any of the cyber-currencies," Mobius added.

The price of gold climbed

Gold reached its highest level in six weeks last week, due to the increasingly popular expectation of a global recession. As Mobius explains, "The long-term perspective of gold is skyrocketing, the reason being that money supply is skyrocketing". The investor adds: "I honestly think you can be at any level [Gold] He adds that this assumption is compounded by the increasing likelihood of easing monetary policy by the Federal Reserve and other central banks.
In times of economic slowdown, gold serves as a hedge for investors, with the reduction in interest rates by central banks and the related expansion of money supply, gold is an investment in the shelter of the crisis. Investors should turn their portfolio into gold at least 10%, recommends Mobius. However, when he sees the gold price target, the hedge fund manager does not respond.
As a result, Mobius considers that the fiscal and monetary policy and the elevation of Bitcoin's altitude are drivers of gold. The 83-year-old investor considers gold as a safe investment with high potential in the medium term.


Mark Mobius argues in many ways that the current market situation confirms his arguments. Nevertheless, one must always be cautious on the financial market. Investors do not have to go to hell with gold at all costs [] buy, "writes the precious metals expert Markus Buler at DER AKTIONR.
However, experts suspect a significant increase in the long-term gold price and the record USD 1,921 recorded since 2011 could be reached in the future. Nevertheless, like any asset class, gold is subject to US law. Financial marketsThere is no guarantee on these.

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