Connie & Tyler - Highlight // Dallas, Tx 2

Connie & Tyler – Highlight // Dallas, Tx

Hi everyone, Aaron here! So this is special for me. Tyler is my close cousin. He is younger than me, but my family have always been close, and I've been watching him and his five siblings to grow its way into interesting human beings. Each of them has a heart of gold, so when Tyler wrote me a text message that she was engaged – I was so excited and hesitant to tell her I was doing it, no question.

So it was set. We were going up to Dallas where we met Connie. It's such an incredible experience for someone you care to find ONE, and it's so obvious to everyone around you. When we met Connie, it was clear that the two were only made for each other. They both have a passion for dance, performance, service and style. So these are things to do for a pretty awesome wedding. The thing we hope for when shooting wedding photos is a couple who is passionate about each other and an event that is personal to them. That's what we have. A great weekend full of quality BBQ, Nintendo NES and albums, card games, lots of family, lots of unique style and lots of romance. Also, since all the bridal parties, including the bride and groom, are dancing or performing at different levels, the whole wedding was built around the personally choreographed dances designed by Connie and Tyler. (Includes their epic 6min first dance to Justin Timberlake's "Mirrors" series, which you can watch here: It was quite an incredible experience, and quite an exercise to capture! However, we loved every second.

So here's an incredible young couple who decide to let love guide them wherever they go. Cheers!

Music provided by Marmoset Music: "Built to Love You" by Lost Cosmonauts