Cristiano Ronaldo: What clubs wanted it when! - SOCCER INTERNATIONAL 2

Cristiano Ronaldo: What clubs wanted it when! – SOCCER INTERNATIONAL

The career of mega star Cristiano Ronaldo (34) could have taken a very different path …

In 2003, the then 18-year-old Portuguese went to Machers United, the best English club, the starting signal for a unique global career. He almost landed in another CR7 club …

"I met Arsene Wenger (former coach of Arsenal, ed.) And I was about to move to Arsenal," Ronaldo said in an interview with TVI. But already in 2003, the Gunners were far from being the only ones interested in exceptional talent: "I was in contact with many clubs, for example Valencia was one of them. ( …) I spoke to Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid and Inter Milan. "

In the end, however, Manchester United took the race in the Lisbon Sporting formation: "After a friendly match against Manchester United, who were also interested, the situation suddenly became very serious, they attracted the negotiations and allowed me to play. finally signed. "

The rest is history: Ronaldo celebrated with the "Red Devils" three titles of European champion, won the first time the Champions League and was there for the first time world footballer – followed by four other Ballon d ' Gold. In 2009, he moved to Real Madrid for 94 million euros. Meanwhile, he shot the European champion in Italy at Juventus Turin.

Maybe the gunners will have another chance with Ronaldo. After all, his future leaves 34 years open. "Maybe I will retire next year.However, I could still play until 40 or 41. I do not know What is always said, it's" enjoy the moment " I have received a special gift and I want to continue to enjoy it. "