"Doping would bring a lot less in football" 2

"Doping would bring a lot less in football"

"Doping would bring a lot less in football" 3

"In football remains human enough": Nagelsmann on doping controls in professional football (Photo: imago / sven Simon).

The NADA anti-doping agency currently investigating Eintracht Frankfurt's Martin Hinteregger, the subject was also on the agenda before the first game of the RB Leipzig season against the theme of Eintracht. Frankfurt. Julian coach Nagelsmann criticized the approach of NADA in the Hinteregger case. "I do not like the aggressive behavior of the doping agency because it prejudges a player.There is always something stuck, which is completely wrongly attached to the player. should only be made public when something really happened and the whole process was not accompanied, "he said. Nagelsmann.

NADA had publicly confirmed that it had opened an investigation after Hinteregger took the pill in the Eintracht match against TSF 1899 Hoffenheim (1-0) last Sunday after a cramp in his leg. According to the association, it was not a prohibited painkiller, but a carbohydrate gel. Hinteregger had also been treated with a needle, according to Klub, an acupuncture needle. On Friday, NADA confirmed this information and closed the Hinteregger file. " The NADA concludes that there is no possible anti-doping rule violation. The investigation is now complete, "the statement said.The treatment method was" compatible with the anti-doping regulations in force ".

In addition, the agency rejected the allegation that Frankfort or Hinteregger were suspected of doping or drug addiction. We had "such statements not in a concrete context" with the club "and / or the player Martin Hinteregger asked," said the NADA continue with.

Nagelsmann on doping controls: "In football, the human fleeing"

Anti-doping controls are "important and fully justified to keep this sport clean," said Nagelsmann. "Compared to other sports, where athletes have to be available day and night and document everything, it's pretty human in football," said the 32-year-old. Not only individual athletes, but also, for example, the A volleyball team in the ADAMS control system at the exact time they are located, so that inspectors can perform unannounced inspections at any time . Also at home or after the cinema visit. This also applies to German football A national player.

In football leagues, however, only the processes of one week of training for the entire team by an anti-doping officer (RB is one of the physiotherapists, Christopher Weichert) have been reported . This is specifically regulated between NADA and DFL. These include training appointments, travel projects or public appearances with sponsors. During training and play periods, no players' locations are to be dropped.

Nagelsmann: "The tests are enough"

"The training tests are sufficient and are done regularly," said Nagelsmann. This season, there had already been an unannounced doping control at the Seefeld training camp. In addition, it is checked after each competition match.

Nagelsmann believes that "doping would bring a lot less in football than in individual sports, because all the burden of winning and winning is distributed to eleven players and not to a player who travels alone."

This thesis is based on the fact that the performance of football, more and more fast and athletic, is optimized down to the smallest detail, since the largest sums are outstanding. (RBlive)