Elon Musk by Bitcoin? - Tesla CEO Supports Presidential Candidate Yung 2

Elon Musk by Bitcoin? – Tesla CEO Supports Presidential Candidate Yung

Elon Musk by Bitcoin? - Tesla CEO Supports Presidential Candidate Yung 3

Elen Musk, CEO of Tesla and founder of SpaceX, Solar City, Paypal and many other technology companies, is considered a technology pioneer and lateral thinker. How could it be otherwise, it has often in the past crypto-currencies such as those expressed by Bitcoin, generally positive.

Elon Musk supports other technology entrepreneurs

A few days ago, the CEO tweeted who he would support the US presidential election of 2020. He chose the presidential candidate Andrew Yang.

The Democratic presidential candidate is known for his positive attitude towards Bitcoin and crypto-currencies. In another tweet, Musk supported Yang's idea of ​​universal basic income. Yang later responded to Elon's tweet and thanked him for his support.

Of course, Yang saw this as a compliment and thanked Musk for his support.

Does Musk Yang become president?

Yang is among the 24 Democratic candidates who wish to replace Trump in the US presidential election of 2020. At the moment, Yang is not at the top of the list, but with the support of one of the people the most influential of our time, things could change for him soon.

Yang commented on the need for a central office that would create clear framework conditions for crypto-currencies and blockchain in the country. He is also the only candidate to receive donations for his campaign in bitcoins and other encrypted currencies.

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Yang wants to base elections on Blockchain

Andre Yang is also supportive of the use of the blockchain system in elections. He said people should stand for hours in 2020 to vote.

The system currently used for voting is as subject to manipulation as any modern technology. He added that it is 100% possible to conduct fraud-free elections using smartphones with blockchain technology. His positive and futuristic attitude towards technology makes him a favorite candidate in the cryptographic community.

In addition, if the odds are against Yang as the future president of the United States, it will certainly not hurt if crypto-currencies and blockchain technology become a topic of discussion in the next election in the United States. On the contrary. As the saying goes, bad publicity is better than nothing.

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