Football: Lintfort spruce meets old acquaintances in Bedburg | 2

Football: Lintfort spruce meets old acquaintances in Bedburg |

In the fourth match of the football league, TuS Fichte Lintfort will play Sunday at 3pm at the SGE Bedburg -Hau promotion.

Victory, draw and defeat – Football League club TuS Fichte Lintfort has had it all in their first three games of the season. On Sunday, the team wishes to mark again if, from 15:00, the guest at SGE Bedburg-Hau is on the board. The newcomer is still waiting for his first "trio" in the new environment, but took his place in the 3: 3 against Rhede but at least his only point.

"It's a well-rounded team that I know well from the season of our district league as well as years at SV Hönnepel," said Fichte's coach, Sven Schützek. "With Falko Kersten and Robin Deckers on the offensive, they have two strong people to watch."

The duo has contributed to the rise of the SBU total 47 shots in total and is now trying in the National League team composed of coach Sebastian Kaul. But Sagittarius not only warns the attackers of the organizers: "We play on a narrow artificial field, where something always happens." Bedburg plays aggressively, but not unfairly. It did not work well for us at the 1: 5 Derby in Sonsbeck.Now, boys have to do better, "says Fichte's coach, Sagittarius.

Only two failures

As a classic climber who only fights for the league, sees the Lintforter Coach including: "The team has what it takes to end up in the top third of the table."

Personally, he can almost take full advantage. Only long-term injuries Florian Ortstadt and Jérôme Manca are not available. After the 0: 0 there is a week against Holzheim, Sven wanted to criticize despite an inspiring idea, but not: "We are in transition, and such a process also brings such games."

Compared to the previous year, he even noticed an improvement in the second season after the rise: "A year ago, we would have lost a match of this type.With four counters in three games, I think we are really in goal, since we already had two better teams as opponents with 1. FC Mönchengladbach and SV Sonsbeck. "