Her daughter tortures a snake on Instagram 2

Her daughter tortures a snake on Instagram

The fact that the descendants of the Kardashian-Jenner clan also pursue a career in reality TV seems already acquired. Even Kim Kardashian is crazy to put her kids on Instagram. And countless shots of toddlers frolic here. You can see them, for example, snuggle up asleep, relax on the couch or even have fun while dressing. But the latest clip with Chicago divides Kim Kardashian's fan base. The video shows Kim and Kanye West's daughter with a snake around her neck. It is obvious that he is from the Bahamas, where the family is currently on vacation. While some Instagram users were perplexed, how cool and relaxed the one-year-old is, Mama Kim also has a lot of criticism. For example, a user wrote, "Is not she a little too raw with this snake? The poor! Another was certain: "She squeezes the snake too hard. The poor serpent must still be able to move. You could have hurt her. "And in the end, there's another question: does Chicago, a year, really have to play with a snake ?!

On Instagram, Kim Kardashian has just received a lot of criticism. Chicago girl plays with a snake in a new clip. But users criticize: it torments the poor animal! All the information and video we have here for you!

Users angry at reality TV star Kim Kardashian: A snake living in the hands of a child a year?

Kardashian-Jenners do not hesitate to present their offspring on Instagram. Most of the time, they collect many tastes and comments for baby photos, how cute are the little ones. For an Insta video of Kim Kardashian's daughter in Chicago However, fans do not really know what they should think. the a year-old girl carries a snake around her shouldersShe holds the animal around her neck and tail and turns the snake's head to look into her eyes. The video was probably taken on holiday in the Bahamas, probably in a protective device for reptiles. "My brave girl Chicago", wrote Kanye West's wife under the clip. The fact that the little girl remains so relaxed and does not seem to be afraid of the snake praises many followers in the comments. Others practice clear criticism!

Insta users are worried – about the snake and not Kim Kardashian's daughter

The animal must be a snake of albino corn. This is a non-toxic snake species, which is considered a popular pet. Fans are less worried about Chicago's safety than the snake. A user commented: "Is not it a little too hard with this snake? The poor! In a similar sense, here is this comment: "She keeps the snake too tight, the poor snake still has to move, you could have hurt her." A living animal is just not a toy, others find it. By the way, Kim Kardashian himself did not comment on the hustle and bustle about the game with the snake.

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