Hütter, coach of Eintracht Frankfurt, denounces Rebic 2

Hütter, coach of Eintracht Frankfurt, denounces Rebic

Eintracht Frankfurt must fear for its participation in the group stage of the Europa League.

In the first leg of the Racing Strasbourg qualifiers, the Eagles lost with a 0: 1 (0: 1) score. In addition to the team of coach Adi Hütter, he posted a meager performance, especially in the first period.

After the match, the coach finds clear words, especially towards his forward Ante Rebic. Frankfurt Sports Board Fredi Bobic argues with a missed whistle.

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The coach of Eintracht Hütter has no explanation on Rebic's performance

Fredi Bobic (Eintracht Frankfurt Sport Board): "We certainly did not play very well in the first half, but in the second half, the guys played very well."

… about the performance of the referee and the refusal of the hand penalty: "The ball goes into the goal and the referee stands three meters from the field.He did not have a good day anyway.He made a lot of strange decisions and I got him also told his fourth official who just looked at me petrified. "You did good shit, you have to see that." We have no video evidence here because in the Europa League we have actually been saved. "

Gelson Fernandes (Eintracht Frankfurt): "We had too little movement, we were too passive, it was not enough, but there is a return match."

Bruno Hübner (sports director of Eintracht Frankfurt): "We are not as good as we should be, but there is always an opponent, as we have already said, the Racing Strasbourg has a very good team, the second is the good one and this on which we must build We played a very good game, leaving no chance, and when Kamada clears the ball, we win the match and I'm sure if we play at home as we did in the second half we will move on. "

… on a possible commitment of Bas Dost: "We have never hidden the lack of people at the front, so we try to bring in somebody else.We were clear with everyone involved, and this did not happen. not been the case, it is not for us to decide, but it is too complex He just wants to join us, we would have liked to do that and the attacker we have in mind would have also helped, but we all have signs that it will work, but we can not cry that now, there is nothing more to say about it. "

Adi Hütter (coach of Eintracht Frankfurt): We just did not move well in front, we had a dangerous counterattack, then we got the 0: 1 in a standard situation At halftime, I saw a team completely different who had two opportunities to equalize just after the break, so if we played in the first half as we did in the second, we would have a better result, but we always know We: We have still the home game, but of course, the task will be much more difficult. "

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… about Ante Rebic: "Basically, I did not understand this because of the performance and although he shows me in the half-time booth that he wants to be replaced, because he may have something, but deep down I would have it Because this performance just does not fit, it does not suit him either, because he has already shown that it works much better, but to play in such an important match in the playoffs, behaving like that, it's a lot to me I did not like him so much, so I would have saved him too, it's about the Europa League and he's playing for the Eintracht Frankfurt, so I just want to see him separate and he wants to stay here, I want him too Otherwise we will have to find a solution and, of course, we will sit down with him and speak clearly and the team will have a completely different face in the second half – well, everyone has been beaten as it should be – we should have used only the chances to score. I think you can live with the second half. "

… about Racing Strasbourg: "Strasbourg did well, with a fast and deep delocalisation, they hurt us, they were already visually better, but I did not see the big chances either, if we believe now, we are in Europa League Last year It was a semi-final and we were wrong so we have to watch Ligue 1, watch football, and we saw today that we are dealing with a very good opponent. "

Trapp practices criticism of the referee

Kevin Trapp (Eintracht Frankfurt): "I think it's basically[[[[the referee, d. Red.]does a decent game but that[[[[Play of hands by a professional of the race in the penalty area, d. Red.]not to see is already fatal. And then only two minutes of additional time, I did not understand either, because he had seen that everyone had played since always. But well, it's like that. We did not lose the match because of the referee. We played a catastrophic first half. But the best part was the second half and we have to rely on that. We have already done a lot of games at home. Of course, the result is far from good, but we must and must remain positive. But we must at least show the face we showed in the second half today. "

… about the first weak half: "We know why there was such a first half, things we talked about internally at half-time and after the match, and it's going to stay internally, everybody knows it's okay. he did it or not. "

"… then it will be difficult for us"

… on work against the ball: "We left a lot of room in the first half because everybody was not working and we know that we can only survive as a team if we give gas, defend and attack the eleven on the pitch, which means was not the case in the first period. " it can happen, but if we want to enter the Europa League, as we have all said, we will certainly have to act differently, not in the first half. "

… to Ante Rebic and the possible lack of team spirit: "We can not just talk about what made us strong last year, we can not start now and say" we are not a team ", two players left the team, but I continue to to say that we are a team, we are not a top team, and if everyone does not join us, it will be difficult for us, no matter who we are. "