John McAfee makes crazy the negative news about Bitcoin 2

John McAfee makes crazy the negative news about Bitcoin

Over the past few days, the Bitcoin course has come and gone. The price has even fallen below $ 10,000. Bitcoin fan John McAfee tried to calm the crypto community in his own way.

In a tweet, he wrote that Bitcoin fans should have thick skin. McAfee explained that the value of Bitcoin is still 300% higher than six months ago. According to him, such short-term fluctuations would have no importance. He wrote:

"Bitcoin flickers? Just stop! The short-term fluctuations do not make sense.Bitcoin is still nearly 300% higher than 6 months ago.Every time there is a jump, I need to reassure people with answers, SMs, etc. JOIN, they know in their hearts that Bitcoin can not lose. "

McAfee does not believe in pessimism

The McAfee tweet is the result of the pessimistic attitude of many crypto experts. These do not hold their critics for the future of Bitcoin trail behind the mountain.

One of them is the writer Nik PatelHe wrote the textbook "An Altcoin Trader's Handbook". He recently posted a tweet claiming that Bitcoin's dominance was about to end soon. Be it negative development for Bitcoin or positive for Altcoins, you can decide for yourself.

He wrote to her in a tweet from today: "If the dominance falls below 68%, get yourself Alts.

Brian Kelly of CNBC is not optimistic about price developments

Another crypto expert, who does not expect a rocket launch at Bitcoin rate, is investor Brian Kelly of the US news channel CNBC. In one interview he said that he is cautious with arrogant Bitcoin pricing. He added that the number of active bitcoin addresses has dropped since July.

He also believes that the price of cryptocurrency two months ago was unrealistic. At the time, bitcoin was worth about $ 13,000. He thinks the course has been corrected since then.

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