Kim Kardashian shows on Instagram with a sixth toe 2

Kim Kardashian shows on Instagram with a sixth toe

Kim Kardashian
Photo: Chris Delmas / dpa

More than 146 million subscribers follow reality TV star Kim Kardashian on Instagram. However, one of his latest contributions has little to do with reality. Rapper Kanye West's wife has a sixth toe.

You have to take a closer look to see that something is wrong here. In a picture with her younger sister Kylie, Kim Kardashian is wearing a pale petrol coat, her left leg is bare. Conversely, Kylie does the same thing with the purple dress, but unlike her sister's foot, everything seems normal here.

For who counts now once, will quickly find that Kim cheated on a sixth toe on the picture. Why, it is not clear. But it is clear that we have been diligently helped with an image editing program and that has not escaped their subscribers.

"Why do you have a sixth toe?", Ask Him many fans. Others are just confused. "I've counted it so many times. Someone can explain it to me," he says in a comment. And if you have not discovered it yet, the sixth toe becomes particularly sharp on an enlarged shot of Kim's foot.

Kim Kardashian toe
Here, everything is not natural: Kim Kardashian with a sixth toe. Photo: Screenshot of Instagram / kimkardashian

Is it just a coincidence? In the past, there were still problems with Photoshop in the Kardashian clan. For example, in April, the family toured together for promotional purposes for the launch of its 16th season "Keeping Up The Kardashians", but there were also some questions in this photo.

It seemed so that Khloé Kardashian did not have lower abdomen, Kendall Kardashian a "divine strength of the neck" and – that's it, Kourtney Kardashian, a sixth toe. It is possible that behind the alleged incidents related to Photoshop a simple but captivating marketing strategy.

This is corroborated by the fact that almost all dubious images are advertising photos. Sometimes it is the beginning of a new season, sometimes the launch of a brand new or a promotion for a new makeup or a new perfume.

Much more natural, there is already a picture where Kim is seen for the first time with her four children on the beach. It is obvious that the picture originates from his Bahamas holidays – and with more than 5.8 million likes, this is much more popular than Photoshop photos on the sixth toe (3.3 million likes) .

Kim Kardashian shows on Instagram with a sixth toe 3