New songs "Fuck It I Love You" and "The Greatest" - - News 2

New songs "Fuck It I Love You" and "The Greatest" – – News

The singer presents herself in her new video as California Girl and confronts the 70's nostalgia with a sobering reality.

California (lei) – In the second video of her upcoming album "Norman Fucking Rockwell", Lana Del Rey shares two more songs with her fans. She combines "Fuck It I Love You" and "The Greatest" in a nine-minute clip. She shows a caricature of the typical Californian girl. Melancholic, she walks on deserted beaches, surfs in a fluorescent ocean and sings karaoke for aging hippies. Constantly trapped by a nostalgia of the 70s that confronts the dark reality of his California.

"You moved to California, but it's just a state of mind and you know that everyone loves it. You can not feel it and you are tired."

It is not all summer, sun sun. The New Yorker writes The Golden State with "Fuck It I Love You", an ambivalent love song, while at the same time, "California Dreaming" was wallowing.

"The Greatest" in the second part of the video makes Californian disillusion even more concrete. Lana Del Rey sings about her old hometown of New York and her escape from the sad reality to the west coast of the United States. Finally, she takes the boat at sunset and leaves us with a strange feeling of uncertainty and an almost apocalyptic presentiment.

"Hawaii just missed this fireball
L.A. is on fire, it's getting hot
Kanye West is blonde and left
"Life on Mars" is not just a song. "

The album "Norman Fucking Rockwell" will be released on August 30th.


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