New York on the move & # 39; 2

New York on the move & # 39;

NEW YORK in motion


“Motion Graphics” covers much of the way we communicate today. It translates, influences and ultimately creates a constantly growing part of the shared reality. It makes it pretty powerful. – However, the term itself seems curiously vague. What is “Motion Graphics”? What "makes it tick" and who have people created so much of the vocabulary in today's culture debate?

It is also true that, especially in the last decade, New York has become a lively center for moving graphics. Why does the industry, whose product seems to have such a virtual existence, continue to develop such physical concentration at a geographical location?

Director / Producer Graham Elliott reached out to the people behind the screens and scenes around us. He interviewed over 50 influential players in the industry and met a diverse group of fascinating individuals and groups on an exciting journey: tuned to the ever-changing state of the art and, more importantly, keeping his finger on the pulse of their work. While constantly pushing boundaries, their aspirations, abilities, insights and creativity are as inspiring as the work itself.

Experience some of the essence behind the power of this exciting medium and take advantage of the incredible energy that adds to this city and this industry, Motion Graphics.