Overheated Amazon servers result in extremely low bitcoin rates 2

Overheated Amazon servers result in extremely low bitcoin rates

Some lucky Bitcoin traders today have the opportunity to get Bitcoin at a great price. The reason: a technical malfunction of the cloud service, Amazon Web Services, caused price errors on various Asian Bitcoin exchanges. Changpeng Zhao, Bitcoin Binance exchange manager, was the first to draw attention to the problem:

AWS has a problem, especially with caching services, which affects some users around the world. We work with them and monitor the situation closely. […] This causes about 500 API error messages and affects some gains.

Binance temporarily disabled deposits and withdrawals. However, at the deadline of 4:30 pm, Binance customers were still complaining about issues with deposits and withdrawals in Bitcoin Exchange's Telegram Channel.

AWS was able to identify and resolve a cooling system failure in an AWS server room in Tokyo to explain the incident.

The overheating was caused by a failure of the control system, which resulted in the failure of several redundant cooling systems in parts of the affected area of ​​availability. The coolers were maintained at 23:21 PDT and temperatures in the affected areas began to normalize.

This coincides with a message from the Kucoin Bitcoin Exchange, which also fought the overheating of AWS servers:

Due to overheating of some of our chassis in the engine room we were using in AWS, Tokyo, some of our services may not be available. The engineering operations team is currently deploying relevant, high availability resources in the regions to deal with potential emergencies. Some services may be affected during installation.

Bitcoin for $ 0.32

Crypto-investor Dovey Wan has meanwhile compiled some screenshots of ubiquitous trading patterns for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency. Bitcoin was therefore sometimes less than a dollar. Ether, XRP and Dash could also celebrate the spin prices:

Many Asian exchanges see price instability (and transactions could be executed, yes, you can buy Bitcoin extremely cheap if you had limited orders).

Dovey Wan also claims that some users have already removed the parts.

Some have already taken off. The exchanges are at the end,

So Wan on the question of a Twitterati, if Bitcoin exchanges, because the transactions would not reverse. If CZ will probably unpack the Reorg club again?