Poland: Church continues to defend sexual minorities 2

Poland: Church continues to defend sexual minorities

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On the occasion of the pride season, the Roman Catholic Church in Poland takes a stand against sexual and gender minorities. Stanislaw Gadecki, Archbishop of Poznan and President of the Polish Bishops' Conference, condemned an alleged "LGBT ideology" in a sermon, and the church urges parents to be vigilant.

The president of the episcopal conference warns about "the acceptance of an ideology"

Only Monday stressed the Polish
Episcopal Conference, parents must be "vigilant" in schools and resist
against sex education and so-called anti-discrimination education. these
She also provided examples of forms to parents,
keep their children out of school hours.

Declined a few weeks ago
The President of the Episcopal Conference, Gadecki, publicly rejects "LGBT ideology" because
in his opinion, he seeks these "social habits
and interpersonal relationships. "He appealed
Polish MPs oppose the project of opening the marriage in Poland.

Although lesbians and gays are "our brothers and sisters", this should not lead to "the acceptance of an ideology" which, according to him, seeks to revolutionize "social habits and interpersonal relationships ", said Gadecki in a statement.

The Archbishop of Krakow speaks of "rainbow plague"

The statement was motivated by the comments of the Archbishop of Krakow, Marek Jedraszewski. He had spoken in a sermon of a "rainbow plague" and compared the LGBT community to the communist oppressors of Poland. This had also led to protests in Poland. Voting the residence of the Permanent Diplomatic Representative of the Holy See in Watschau, the protesters called for the immediate resignation of Jedraszewski.

But Gadecki defended the statement of his counterpart. The demonstrations showed a certain "ideological totalitarianism" towards the dissidents, the supreme prince of the Polish Church assuming the role of victim.

The auxiliary bishop of Plock asks the Virgin Mary to protect herself against an LGBT parade in her city

And the two princes of the Church are not alone in their opinion: in the perspective of the March for Equality in the city of Plock, which has 120,000 inhabitants, his auxiliary Bishop Miroslaw Milewski had even asked to the "Blessed Virgin Mary" to protect herself against "the sick ideology of LGBT".

After the violent riots of the Bialystok Equality March, in which hooligans attacked protesters with bottles, paving stones and banners, the Polish bishops' conference declared against violence, while emphasizing that she had proclaimed the "full Gospel". need.

At the consecration of a restored image of Mary at Radzymin, the 48-year-old woman asked the Virgin Mary to "save Poland from evil that seeks to conquer the spirit and the spirit of Poland "and" young people in search of their identity "so that they are" not seduced by fashionable slogans about freedom and tolerance that actually lead to slavery and to depravity ".

The LGBT version of a Marian Shrine particularly insults the Catholic Church

The Roman Catholic Church is particularly outraged by the alleged desecration of the "Black Madonna of Czestochowa", one of the most important examples of Mary in Poland. Activist Elzbieta Podlensa made headlines in May by replacing the golden halo of Mary and Jesus with the colors of the rainbow flag.

For, aged 51, he was even arrested and interrogated for several hours by the police on "religious feelings". But the Rainbow Madonna has been raging ever since in the LGBT community. There are countless stickers and posters with the motive – much to the chagrin of the Roman Catholic Church.

The Virgin Mary must be protected from "the attack of half-naked people", asks a bishop

We look with "pain and pain" what "non-Christians in the holy image" would have done, "said Bishop Milewski, Auxiliary Bishop of Płock:" The sign of homosexual movements "was painted around the head of Maria , videos have been published on the Internet and "shown in their immoral marches".

"Protect them from the assault of half-naked people on the streets of our Polish cities, who, under the slogan of gender equality, argue that gender can be elected or changed at any time" continued Milewski.

The Roman Catholic Church has a lot of influence on conservative Poland

The Roman Catholic Church in Poland exerts a notable influence: the media and politics immediately absorbed this indignation. So there was talk of an alleged "profanation" of Madonna's photo, as the poster was about to find a toilet house. In the chorus of indignation, the conservative right-wing party "Law and Justice" (PiS) voted.

This is why the deputies also criticize the situation. "While the Polish government and representatives of Catholic and Orthodox churches discriminate against Polish LGBTI people with hateful and contemptuous language, rogue groups actively use violence." Trans *, Inter *, lesbians and gays are no longer security in Poland, "said Rasmus Andresen, who sits at the German Greens in the European Parliament and participated in Plock's March for Equality.